A couple of weeks ago, I had a chance encounter with the guy that I hooked up with in a stairwell. He told me that he was trying to get a hold of me after the holidays. “Why, did you enjoy it so much that you want to go a couple more rounds with me?” I asked. “Yes, and I think that there was a good connection between us besides the physical one” He replied with a chuckle at the end. So I gave him my number and told him to call me one of these days since I was running late for a dinner party that I’m going to.
I got a text from him a few days after that asking me if I was free for dinner that day. Since it was a Friday and I got nothing planned, I replied that I’m free and asked him where would be having it. He then tells me where the restaurant was located and told him that I’m looking forward seeing him.
I arrived a few minutes late at the restaurant. He told me that it’s just fine since he just arrived as well. We then proceeded to order and spent the next two hours eating and getting to know each other. Once we’re done I asked him if he want to have a night cap over at my place since it’s just a few blocks away. He immediately said yes.
When we arrived at my place, I asked him if he wanted some beer or bourbon and told me that he’s fine with beer. So I grabbed two bottles of beer and drank while listening to some music. While drinking his beer he slowly placed his head on my shoulders and asked me what he remembered from the night that we hooked up. So I told him that it was my first time doing it in a somewhat public place and that I haven’t been fucked that good. After that I asked him the same question, but instead of answering he kisses me torridly. I then sat on his lap while our tongues were battling each other. After minutes later, he helps me removing my top and bra so that he could start playing with my tits. We locked each other’s lips again, while his hands were busy squeezing and mashing my boobs, my hand makes its way towards his cock and started to stroke it.
“Sit on the couch so that I could have a taste of your pussy” He tells while he was sucking on my tits. So I stood up and remove the pants that I was wearing and sat on the couch. Once seated, he pulls my hips towards the edge of the couch and started to rub my clit while his tongue went inside my pussy. As I was about to orgasm, I told him to put his dick inside of me already. He then lets his tongue go deeper inside of me one last time before he lets me lay on the couch. Once I was lying on the couch, he then lets his cock slide inside of me. Since I was already soaking wet, his cock went inside of me easily. His thrusts were so deep that I was biting on to his shoulder in pleasure. He then carries me while he’s inside of me and gave a couple of thrust before sitting back on the couch. While he was seated he alternately sucked on both of my tits while I was riding his cock. A few more minutes he tells me that he was about to cum so I stops riding his cock and proceeded to suck on it until he shoots his load inside of it.