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Drink then have sex?

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  • Drink then have sex?

    This is mainly for young people who go out and have dates on the bars and clubs. There are some instances where the men would make their dates drunk and then ask the women to have sex with them. When those women could no longer have the proper senses to think, they usually give in as their inhibitions are typically lost in drunken state. Now, is this a moral act by men?

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    It is morally not right to perform such action. As we can see, the person has lost her ability to think well. Okay, granted that she would also agree to have sex in her sober state, then those men should do it on that condition.


    • Yummytron
      Yummytron commented
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      Can't those type of men wait till the woman is already sober? This is why I hate going to bars and having to entertain guys who are getting their hopes up on trying to get me laid down.

    • shizzlygizzly
      shizzlygizzly commented
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      Yummytron Most young men would have that intention to bang you when you are already drunk. Sometimes, I could not blame them I guess that most women would already know that it could happen to them. I think most women even anticipate it to happen.

    • dreamnow
      dreamnow commented
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      Also, it is not nice to have sex when you're too drunk. It will not end well, but if we're talking about consensual sex, then it is important to discuss how this will all not turn out to be rape.

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    I think that it is fine. First, they agreed that they would go to those bars, then would have drinks. I guess both of them had already anticipated that they would have sex after the drinking date.


    • wigeon
      wigeon commented
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      They say that alcohol would lead to bad things, so, how come that sex would be a bad thing? Alcohol helps you let loose and would get you to more chances of getting laid because of your confidence.

    • sunnyscenster
      sunnyscenster commented
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      Yes, both had already anticipated that sex could happen after the date. I think that the women are not too dumb not to know it.

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    When there is consent, there it is fine. When the women were neutral and could not remember what they did, then I could say that it would be the time that we could say that it was not moral.


    • mitchyLL
      mitchyLL commented
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      Even though there is consent, the man should ask the woman about it again before he gets into action. I'd usually get this when I'm tipsy, guys should learn from this so listen up. Guys usually ask me two to three more times before we can finally end up having sex even if I'm under the influence of alcohol.

    • JannahVC
      JannahVC commented
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      Right, consent is important and should not let anything pass. I mean, why is it that people need to do anything that they can just to get what they want and they can just get away with it that easily? That's not good at all.

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    IMMORAL! Those men should know that what they're about to do would lead up to no good as to what they were actually planning to do. But I know that there are some guys out there that do not plan to get a woman drunk and are true to their intentions.


    • stevemcdream
      stevemcdream commented
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      Men should be true to their intentions so a woman can trust him. I usually tell my true intentions to a woman and not wanting to get her drunk just to get the advantage of her. Only those young and ignorant people would do such immoral acts.

    • butterflyanxious
      butterflyanxious commented
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      Whatever it is that they are up to, it shouldn't happen and I hope someone would ever stop them from doing it. I don't like where this is going because I've heard a lot of similar stories about drinking and non-consensual sex.

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    No matter how you think about this, it is definitely not a moral act. Because somehow, this action can be considered as rape. Since women are in the drunken state, they do not know what is happening so they just go with the flow. When they are already sober, that is the time they'll realize that they didn't really give consent to the sex.


    • loss77
      loss77 commented
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      Poor women, they're always a victim to these common cases. I hope that men should not always take advantage just because they can, it doesn't mean that they should. Don't they have a guilty conscience of what they are doing? These men needed to be educated about rape and consent. These men don't seem to know a thing or two, are they just plain stupid or something?

    • AsiaNutratia
      AsiaNutratia commented
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      They did not give consent? Maybe, they could not remember what they said when they were drunk. But I guess that it was not rape. When you are drunk and someone wants to make sex with you and you do not want it, then you would resist. When there is no resistance, then it is not a rape.

    • KatVonMe
      KatVonMe commented
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      I do not think that it is rape when you had given your consent. It would become a rape when you shouted and ran away from him as it was against your will.

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    It is not a moral act but I guess women should be more responsible when they are out drinking with the guys. If men offer them more drinks, they have the choice to refuse but if they accept, that just means that they want to be drunk too.


    • BabySaltWicked
      BabySaltWicked commented
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      They should refuse it because they should know that men will do whatever they can just so they can take advantage of them. This is why I don't accept drinks from random guys as well.

    • monsterjunk
      monsterjunk commented
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      Lol. When you accept lots of drinks from your date, then that means that you like to get drunk. After getting drunk, what would you expect to happen next?

    • AglowNum
      AglowNum commented
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      Responsibility should always be with us. When we drink, we must make sure that we won't get wasted. How many times have we gone wasted? Lol.

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    Whether women are drunk or not, they still have the capability to think. If they agreed to have sex with men even when they were drunk then that means that they give them consent and they also like it so that can't be considered as an immoral act of men.


    • Trystingbish
      Trystingbish commented
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      Agree, but though those men could still ask for consent to the lady right before they'd carry on with the plan to have sex. Because you know, some guy wouldn't like it if a woman is too drunk, she might make a mess all over the place.

    • FantasticLil
      FantasticLil commented
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      Yes, I think that most women would give consent even if they are drunk. Is it moral, then? Technically, it should be.

    • Amazeelan
      Amazeelan commented
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      This is true. No matter how drunk we are, our brain would still function. Of course, it does not work well as when we are sober.

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    That is definitely not a moral thing to do. Men should never take advantage of women especially if they are in a drunken state. When people are under the influence of alcohol, we seem not to think rationally and that's why I think we should always drink responsibly.


    • Championia
      Championia commented
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      Right. Women should know how to control their alcohol intake. They should only be tipsy, but not drunk in a way that they do not know what to do anymore.

    • Bang56
      Bang56 commented
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      It applies to anyone, we should not take advantage of anyone who is in a drunken state. If we know that someone might be in danger, let's just help them and not become an accomplice or accessory of the person who is up to no good towards them.

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    There are men who let women get drunk and still not do anything sexual to them. Not even those little sexual harassment like being touchy when they see that the opportunity is already there.


    • bollersdiorite
      bollersdiorite commented
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      I salute those kinds of men, surely, I've encountered some even if I played drunk myself. They turned out to be nice, they did not take advantage of me, in fact, I got home safe right after that night of drinking.

    • imperfectme
      imperfectme commented
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      Those are real gentlemen since they do not take advantage of those girls that are too drunk to be in their own selves.

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    It is okay to have a drink then have sex. The only qualm that I have is that I could not enjoy sex when drunk. I think we should have sex when both are not drunk nor tipsy.


    • goodmanners
      goodmanners commented
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      Tipsy sex is fine, but drunk is never okay. At least if you're a bit tipsy, you're just wobbly but somehow you're slowly becoming impaired. Then again, it would be better if both are not under the influence of alcohol, right?

    • Caila99
      Caila99 commented
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      Let's say that it is best to have sex with consent and if both are normally fine. Sex should be enjoyed, not forced, or it does not involve discomfort with each other.

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    Why do those young people need to have dates on those clubs and bars when they could have it on coffee shops? I guess the women should make the dates to be held on those coffee shops.


    • Pedaedia
      Pedaedia commented
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      Some people think that it is lame or old school, you know how those young people think it is hip and cool to be out drinking and getting high or anything. Well, that's them living the young, wild, and free kind of life.

    • Yummykorb
      Yummykorb commented
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      I don't think that it is cool to date in coffeeshops if I were a teen. I would choose to party in clubs and bars where all the teens usually hang out. It would be one hell of an experience.

    • Masterbabe
      Masterbabe commented
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      If that were me, then I must have gone to the coffee shops, anyway, it bothers me when a place is crowded and filled with noise. I just want to have an alone time or be with someone at the coffeeshop.

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    What I do believe is that people usually drink just to ease the moment and the intent is not to drink too much. It takes one sip at a time to avoid getting too drunk or tipsy but yes, alcohol does help you unwind and is good for sensible conversations which is why it all leads down to having sex.


    • innocentgirl
      innocentgirl commented
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      Drinking with the person that you like but likes you back would put you at ease. Knowing that even if both of you might end up getting drunk, at least you know that you like this person and you have given him the consent or permission to have sex with you by the end of the night.

    • surfjock
      surfjock commented
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      Both of you are right about that innocentgirl and Laicah33. I couldn't say much about this because I agree so much about everything that has been said. I hope that men should know this one instead of planning with some other things that are needed to be done but could come up in a very bad situation.

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    I think these kind of men are trash, just plain ugly and did not receive love from their family I mean if you were a decent human being you wouldn't even dare thinking of doing this only the spawns of devils are capable of this so to those guys who are doing this just stop, groom yourself and fix your attitude so that you won't need the help of alcohol to just get laid


    • TastySanta
      TastySanta commented
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      I agree those sleaze bags are a sorry excuse for a human being who in the right mind would do something like that? I mean if you are having a hard time getting girls it just means your technique and way of approaching girls is very wrong that's why you are using unsophisticated ways