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The Awkward Date

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  • The Awkward Date

    When it comes to awkward dates, what were some of the most awkward ones that you've encountered? Mine was with a lady that I went out who would often flirt with me during the entire date and once the date was over she would turn cold towards me again. A couple of dates later, when I told her that what she's doing is starting to bother me, she admitted that she only goes out with me to feel good for herself.
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    I knew that he was the religious type and when we went out, he started preaching on me and telling me that I should change my ways and ask for God's forgiveness.


    • MoneyerHoney
      MoneyerHoney commented
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      For sure you told him all of your dirty secrets that's why he started preaching.

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    This might be one of the most common ones, which was being asked out by a guy that you used to go to school with and being invited to a multi-level marketing seminar.


    • karsha78
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      I just hope that happened only once. Going to feel bad for you if it happened more than once.

    • janeDaLioness
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      It's pretty worse and I think you want to escape and don't want to be there.

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    Does being a third wheel in a supposed double date count? Because that happened to me a bunch of times.
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    • heartheart
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      I guess so. Especially if the couple that you're with was the type who are always too sweet towards each other.

    • hamster11
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      What was the reason why your date left you?

    • imagination
      imagination commented
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      hamster11 Can't come because he needs to rush and finish up something at work.

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    It was a second or third date (I think) with a girl that I knew in college. She brought a couple of her friends to a movie that we're planning to watch. Ended up paying for everything and I wasn't able to spend a time alone with the girl.


    • BabySaltWicked
      BabySaltWicked commented
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      That's too bad and make sure that she is not after your money or he will rip you off.

    • funfun88
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      Did you talk to her about that afterwards or that was the last date that you had with her?

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    It was with a guy whose parents knew mine. And this happened when I was in college. They (both our parents) sorta set us up to have a date. When I arrived at restaurant where we're going to have the "date" I saw his parents a couple of table away from ours. His parents took turns on asking us if we're having a good time. The guy was a total gentleman, the only problem was his hovering parents.


    • anxiousme
      anxiousme commented
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      Did the two of you end up as a couple or that was the only date that you had with him.

    • KatVonMe
      KatVonMe commented
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      I'm thinking you haven't asked him enough questions since his parents are there which bothered you.

    • goodmanners
      goodmanners commented
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      KatVonMe the two of them might have felt that the date was really awkward that's why they didn't talk much.

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    This girl I met at a bar invited me to a Chinese place for lunch. We ordered a bunch of different things and eat it all. My face started to get really red because I don't know that I'm allergic to seafood then I ask her if I can go home then she helps me out and got home asap.
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    • potatome
      potatome commented
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      Good thing that you only turned red and didn't have an anaphylactic shock at the restaurant.

    • stickyyhen
      stickyyhen commented
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      potatome That's even worst and you and your date would just spend time in the emergency room if that happens.

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    Since I'm a bit of a cheap date, we had the date at a local diner and what happened was the old getting ketchup all over your dress. Good thing was the guy was wearing a jacket during the date so he lent it to me to cover up the ketchup stains that were on the top part of my dress.


    • clssc
      clssc commented
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      It's more embarrassing if it went down your dress and they will think that you have undergone your period.

    • bollersdiorite
      bollersdiorite commented
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      Did any of the ketchup got spilled on your dress at the bottom part?

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    I'm always the one who is awkward in date just by my gestures and the way I talk because I don't have enough confidence that's why it's always an awkward date especially in we don't have something in common and do the staring contest lol.