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  • first date from hell

    ok I went on a blind date the other day she picked me up and when she got there she told me she has a couple of stops to make if I was cool with it so I just moved to the Houston area and don't know my way around town we are at some building I walk in with her and the posters on the wall told me right where I was at the health department to pick up her STD meds so I looked at her and said what the fuck I turned around walked out and called my cousin to come get me but I don't know where I'm at so she comes out I get in the car cuz I'm stuck and don't know how to get home we are driving I asked so what's the name of this road we are on she tells me I see a Walmart coming up Im texting my cousin telling him the Wal-Mart on this road I told her I need to go in I would be right back I run to the men's bathroom and hid for like an hour cuz my cousin is slow as shit

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    I'm guessing that your tip is not to go on dates with someone who picks up her STD results?


    • leonbronsom
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      me personally after that I'm not going out with her ever again but you be my guest

    • dandeliontoes
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      hahaha that shit is really scary, glad you made it out alive huh