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  • Worst! Dates!

    What is the worst thing you've ever done on your first date? Me? I took him to a place where their main dishes are made of the thing that he is deathly allergic to.

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    I spilled hot gravy into his crotch! We laughed about it later, but I know it must have hurt a lot!


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      I have a date once who was very shy, she did not tell me that she was allergic to seafood (that was what I ordered) so I ended up rushi9ng her to hospital after having an allergic reaction after eating some shrimps.


      • clumsygirl
        clumsygirl commented
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        That sounds tragic. Is she okay?

      • lipspotatochips
        lipspotatochips commented
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        She learned her lesson the hard way, she should've told you about it earlier.

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      I have a date who is a vegan. He didn't tell me this, so when we went out for dinner and I took him to a steakhouse, he yelled at me and called me a murderer and now we aren't dating anymore.


      • dreamsbaby2
        dreamsbaby2 commented
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        Vegans are intense people.

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      He made me wait for an hour alone in a restaurant only to text me after that he wanted to cancel the date.


      • shizzlygizzly
        shizzlygizzly commented
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        What a jackass. I hope you get yourself a better man than that.