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Hooking up on the first date?

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  • Hooking up on the first date?

    I wanna know what you think about hooking up on the first date. For the girls? why did you do it? and for the guys, do you still see the girl as girlfriend material?

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    Nice question you got there. For me, If the guy made a great first impression on me and if he is a total gentleman, I'd definitely hook up with him.


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      I've done it before, but those relationships have not lasted. Sometimes they last longer than that one date, but never long. For others, I suppose it works.


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        Its all up to my date. Had a couple of first dates where it ended either at her place or mine.


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          The fact that a woman hooked up on the first date would never and should never formulate any disposition on someones ability to be a good partner or not. To me it should be based on your intuition along with the conversation and events of the date itself that identify if you could see yourself dating that individual or whether you could trust them in a committed relationship. I've actually ended up having sex with majority of the girls I've taken out on the first date and have seen most of them again afterwards as I dont believe they fucked me because they were "easy" but because there was good connection and mutual attraction throughout the date. I have never gone on to have a serious relationship with any of them but the reasoning for that has nothing to do with the fact they put out on the first date but just circumstance as I could've seen myself being with many of them and did not ever loose any respect or change my view on them based on that, If I did it would make me quite the hypocrite now wouldn't it and that goes for anyone in my opinion.


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            great answer, that's so sweet