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Do not discuss previous relationship

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  • Do not discuss previous relationship

    During the first date, we tend to present ourselves in a very nice way. However, sometimes, we commit some blunders along the way. Did you know that talking about a previous relationship is a big no for a first date? Who among here has been guilty of this blunder?

    I, for once, was a victim of this one. I unwittingly told to my date how my previous boyfriend sucked big time.

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    I did not know that we should not discuss our previous relationships during our first date. I have been very open with any topics during the first dates.


    • skuzzvibe
      skuzzvibe commented
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      Well, it should be on common grounds. If we ever brought up a topic about exes, it's fine for you girls to tell us too if we asked. If not, then it shouldn't be discussed at all, especially if it's a recent break up.

    • Masterbabe
      Masterbabe commented
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      skuzzvibe Well, I also discuss even my recent break up. I do not find that to be an off topic. I am very open. I think everyone should be.

    • lie11
      lie11 commented
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      Masterbabe You should control what you say to him, he might not open minded.

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    Oh, I have been discussing my previous relationships when it was brought up. I did not know that it should be off topic. I think telling it would just be fine.


    • monsterjunk
      monsterjunk commented
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      It's fine if my date initiates the topic of exes. It's no big deal, we're adults now. We should be more mature about this topic.

    • lipspotatochips
      lipspotatochips commented
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      Well, I think it's okay to discuss about it especially if it's a long-gone relationship. The stories would remind us that everything would turn out to be a lesson in the end.

    • Yummykorb
      Yummykorb commented
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      I think that it would be fine when both of you open up the topic. But when you purposely open up the topic and bad talk your past relationship then that would be a no.

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    Yup. I do not discuss my previous relationships during my dates. No matter what they ask, I just ignore it.


    • Readeronic
      Readeronic commented
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      How do you ignore it? Like you do not answer his query? Or do you tell some other story, instead?

    • tolerable
      tolerable commented
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      Yeah me too. I just change the topic afterwards. hhahah

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    Are there rules like this that should be followed? I thought we would go to the date; tell anything and everything and see what happens next.


    • scissorssole
      scissorssole commented
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      I agree since I've been doing that too.

    • AglowNum
      AglowNum commented
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      I do not think that everything should be brought out. How about keeping some things to your self?

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    Whether your past relationship was hell or heaven, do not discuss it. You are there because you would be discussing your present with him. They won't care about your past, anyway.


    • stevemcdream
      stevemcdream commented
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      That's the point, at least someone here understands me.

    • Airphylab
      Airphylab commented
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      stevemcdream Eh? Understand you where?

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    Oh no, I never discuss past relationships during dates. We can talk about a lot of things except heartaches and shitty exes. That's a mood killer right there.


    • babycakez23
      babycakez23 commented
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      Exactly, we can talk about weird, nasty stuff but exes and heartbreaks are not a good topic. Unless he intended to open-up his story, I would listen to him, but I wouldn't be comfortable sharing my sad story.

    • BeautifulAngels
      BeautifulAngels commented
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      babycakez23 But he had already opened up his own story so he would also expect you to open up your own story with him.

    • TassetTasty
      TassetTasty commented
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      Me, too. I just focus the topics on the general ones. Like focusing to know him better. I ask questions more to learn things about him.

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    What was the reaction of the guy while you're talking about your ex during the date? Was he annoyed or trying to comfort you?


    • JustaGuy99
      JustaGuy99 commented
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      If I were the guy, I won't be comforting you lol you talked about it first so I won't be responsible for that.

    • potatome
      potatome commented
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      JustaGuy99 do you think that you would get into her pants by doing that?

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    I think that I've been in the both sides of the fence on this one. So I know how terrible it is when you talk about your ex during the date


    • guana
      guana commented
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      Imagine if your date starts to mention the hot sex that he and his ex have had, it would be a mood killer if he asks about your last rough sex with your ex. I might strangle him there if he starts me with conversations like that lol!

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    Originally posted by morningglory View Post
    I, for once, was a victim of this one. I unwittingly told to my date how my previous boyfriend sucked big time.
    Not sure that you should consider yourself as the victim on this one since you're the one who talked about your ex during the date


    • flabbybecrux
      flabbybecrux commented
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      I noticed that too, she brought it to herself so...

    • wittyou
      wittyou commented
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      Maybe she's the type who always plays the victim even if it's her fault in the first place

    • loss77
      loss77 commented
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      wittyou I know right! But I don't care it's their life tho.

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    Guess that you have fully recovered from your previous relationship that's why you ended up talking about your ex during the date?


    • goodmanners
      goodmanners commented
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      Think that you got it all mixed up. She's not fully recovered from her previous relationship

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    Why do you think that you're a victim during that date? I think that you're the guilty party during that date


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      I would just let the girl do most of the talking and listen, paying attention as she does. People appreciate that and appreciate you for letting them talk about themselves. It's a technique Dale Carnegie taught in his book "How To Win Friends And Influence People". You guys should try it if you haven't.


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        I wonder what the guy's reaction was. that would be uncomfortable for me.


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          That sounds disrespectful, if he will talk about his ex during our first date. I would completely be annoyed.