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    During the first date are you the type who's going to order whatever you like, or you try and play it cool by just ordering something light?

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    I would order whatever I want to eat that evening or day. So if I were hungry, I would definitely going to get something heavy.


    • backrubsss
      backrubsss commented
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      It's alright if you're hungry to eat heavy foods but we have to control it so our date would not be surprised that we eat too much lol.

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    Most of the time I would do the former, the only time I would do the latter is when I had a meal before going to the date.


    • Bang56
      Bang56 commented
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      But have you really been on a date where you just ordered a salad?

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    If you are going to ask me then I go with whatever I want to make my date more memorable and I'll order the highlights of their dish.


    • FantasticLil
      FantasticLil commented
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      If you are going for that then make sure you have enough money for it.

    • BabyPie
      BabyPie commented
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      FantasticLil I always have extra cash with me so don't worry about it.

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    I'll try something light at first so I won't astonish him but if there would be another date I would go for the heavy ones.


    • nipples
      nipples commented
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      And I'm guessing that guy was shocked during the second date when he saw the food that you ordered?

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    It depends on the place where the date would be. But most of the time I would have something light an hour before the date so that I wouldn't eat too much.


    • AirBobo
      AirBobo commented
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      It's better to review and check what they serve in the place of your date before you eat something.

    • imagination
      imagination commented
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      Eating before the date is not a good idea for me especially if the place your going is quite good.

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    I often just have pasta (if they serve it) or something that's not that heavy. Don't want to scare him if I ordered a huge chunk of meat.


    • innocentgirl
      innocentgirl commented
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      What would be your go to food if they don't serve pasta?

    • clumsygirl
      clumsygirl commented
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      Are you afraid that he would be shocked that you can eat as much or more than him?

    • karsha78
      karsha78 commented
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      allaboutlove I think it is just fine to order a huge chunk of meat if you tell him that the two of you can share it.

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    I don't really mind what my date eats. So if she wants to have a steak, I wouldn't judge for that. And guys should be thankful to go out with a woman who's like that since you would immediately know that she's not starving herself.


    • routinetine
      routinetine commented
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      Have you dated someone who only got a salad or something light and she ended up asking you if you're willing to share the food that you ordered?

    • dixieNormous
      dixieNormous commented
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      So am I, she does have the free will to choose what she likes and I don't mind even if it's a huge meal.

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    If I'm going to get a dessert after my meal then I'll make sure I'll order a light one first.


    • imperfectme
      imperfectme commented
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      Have you always had a sweet tooth or you just order it during dates?

    • janeDaLioness
      janeDaLioness commented
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      As a person who loves to have desserts after a meal, I consider going for the light ones too.

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    I'll order whatever I want especially if it's my first time going in that place then I would order their specialty.


    • potatome
      potatome commented
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      Have you been on a date where the guy forced you to have some salad or something light?

    • nyctophilia
      nyctophilia commented
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      I will also do the same and go for their trademark dish when it's my first time.

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    Since I often order the specialty of the restaurant, it automatically means that I don't order food that is considered light.


    • stickyyhen
      stickyyhen commented
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      Expect it to be a hard dish and be sure that you're starving enough if it's not a light meal.

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    I'll order whatever I like because light meals made them think that you're a vegan or a person who is on a diet which I'm not.


    • monsterjunk
      monsterjunk commented
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      Are you afraid that your date will call you a vegan once you order a light meal?

    • ingotjubilant
      ingotjubilant commented
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      Why do you automatically assume that vegan food is considered as something light? Just because you don't feel full after eating it doesn't mean it is light.

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    For someone who is on a Weight Watcher's Diet like me, I prefer to go for the light ones, not necessarily vegetables and soups.


    • AngstAngels
      AngstAngels commented
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      When I see someone who is on a diet I always think that they will order a raisin bran lol.

    • brooksbrioche
      brooksbrioche commented
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      I'm guessing that you would love it if the two of you ate at a vegetarian or vegan restaurant, right?