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  • sex dolls

    Wondering if anyone has tryed a sex doll? I l see these adds all time on this site. so clicked on it and read ..Have to admit they look pretty nice! Lot of money. But wow ! seam nice. get what ever ya taste is. Even read there are whore houses were ya go pay to have sex with one. That i could never do..But they sure look nice!! wife would haveme comited i ll bet if i bought one hahahaa. Just wondering if any one on her has one?? If singe i d sure be tempted

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    I don't understand why you guys like sex dolls. Are dolls better than real woman? Lol


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      Why would you still look for a sex doll if you can fuck a real thing?


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        I already saw one in my friends house and it looks like the real thing.


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          I would've loved to own a male sex doll but unfortunately, I can't afford it.


          • AngstAngels
            AngstAngels commented
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            Yes, it's a little pricey.

          • highlander
            highlander commented
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            if was into it i d get her one for xmass...I d try any thing to pick up her sex life..Older she gets less she cares bout it...She just likes it same way same day once a week .But she great to me every other way so i keep her

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          I d much rather fuck a real female so many you beautys on here. But married and wife be mad if tired. I d never buy one. maybe if singe?? But looking at them and reading bout them . They look prety nice and woud never say know.. any time wanted any just grab a doll !! I d probly wear it out quick hahaa wife probly have me committed if i sent that ind money on a sex doll


          • Pedaedia
            Pedaedia commented
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            If I were you, why not buy one and give it a try. It may be expensive but who knows, it might be worth it.

          • LessSalt
            LessSalt commented
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            Pedaedia Maybe his wife is against that idea.

          • AirBobo
            AirBobo commented
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            Yummykorb This is his answer.

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          Haven't tried doing it with a sex doll yet, but I saw one that's really lifelike but freaking expensive so I would just stick to the good ol' dildo and hitachi


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            We also have a female sex doll.


            • BabyPie
              BabyPie commented
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              Is that doll yours? Or you just posted it online to show us what a male sex doll looks like?

            • imahappyclown
              imahappyclown commented
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              They look creepy at times.