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  • Noticeable

    When having a date, what is the first thing that you notice about a person?
    I always notice the hair. If she has a nice hair, I could conclude that she is nice person. If she could maintain her hair so well, then she could also maintain the other aspects of her life.

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    You're making it sound like that there are women who would go on dates with their hair all messed up intentionally? lol


    • PieDish
      PieDish commented
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      Not really intentionally but there are some women who do not mind their hair. Don't you just hate it when you see 1/4 inch black roots on blonde hair? They should be doing some root retouching to cover it.

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    Most of the time it would be how he carries himself and the shoes that he was wearing. Not really into guys who would wear sneakers/trainers with formal clothes


    • AsiaNutratia
      AsiaNutratia commented
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      What if the guy knows how to carry that sneakers and formal wear combo? Would that still be a deal breaker?

    • AngstAngels
      AngstAngels commented
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      That would be ridiculous. A mismatched shoes for a formal attire. I could forgive the young men for this error but not for the mature men.

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    It would be his hair also and if he has a funky smell. And when I talk about his smell, I'm not talking about asking him if I can smell his armpit or something.


    • BeautifulAngels
      BeautifulAngels commented
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      I seem to get what you're talking about the funky smell. Are you talking about suddenly smelling something bad once he arrives?

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    His face. What else could be the first one to see to a person when you meet? I am particular with the looks. Well, I like handsome men. Duh, I think almost all women would be looking for handsome men.


    • TastySanta
      TastySanta commented
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      Way to go, girl. Of course, we all want to have the handsome men! I like model looking men which have perfect symmetry of the face. Have you heard of the news years way back that someone was deported because he was too handsome?

    • fuckashuck
      fuckashuck commented
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      TastySanta Oh, yeah. I have read an article with that topic. I also saw his photo and he was really a good looking man.

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    I always notice her makeup. Some women cover their faces with heavy makeups. I am always wary of those women as they become beautiful due to those makeups. When their makeups are removed, you would just be surprised to see their not so pretty faces.


    • furphyobserved
      furphyobserved commented
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      I also do not like women who wear heavy makeups. I like the ones who put on their makeups lightly. A little color would do for me. As for the women who wear heavy makeups, they should be dated on a beach and be invited to swim. Should they refuse, that would be a sign that something is being hidden.

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    I always notice the eyes. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. The eyes could communicate even without speaking. It tells the things it wants to convey without uttering a single word.


    • BabySaltWicked
      BabySaltWicked commented
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      Isn't it amazing that two people could understand each other with just looking at each other's eyes? But sometimes, we may interpret it incorrectly and that could lead to a disaster.

  • #8
    The way that he would interact with the wait staff. Because if he treats them badly it means that he would treat people who are under him


    • AlivePerfect
      AlivePerfect commented
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      The same goes with me. There are guys who would treat you like a queen, but would treat other people terrible

    • AglowNum
      AglowNum commented
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      I guess there would be few men who would treat the wait staff badly. They are in public so I guess they would be behaving well.

    • Teamnessa
      Teamnessa commented
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      AglowNum there's a lot of ways to be rude to the wait staff that are subtle. Like when you raise your hand and snap your fingers to get their attention, calling them garcon before saying your order, etc...

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    It would be punctuality. I always make sure that I arrive on time or a few minutes early, so I hate it when they are fashionably late.


    • BabyPie
      BabyPie commented
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      How many minutes is your leeway time before you consider as being fashionably late already?

    • Trystingbish
      Trystingbish commented
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      I could wait for 15 minutes but not any longer. But if there are good reasons why he would be late for so long then I could wait for him.

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    Usually, I do not care about the person but I would like to see his car. Mmmm, you know where this would be going to. lol.


    • TassetTasty
      TassetTasty commented
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      I'm guessing you're into men who are compensating for something? lmao

    • loss77
      loss77 commented
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      Sorry to ask but are you a gold digger or something? Why do you like to see his car? Why not concentrate on the person himself?

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    What if the girl has a natural frizzy hair? Would that be a turn off for you or not? stevemcdream


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      What if something bad happened to her along the way that's why her hair was a bit of a mess? Would that be a deal breaker or not?


      • LoveHoney
        LoveHoney commented
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        He would be a total dick if he ghosts the girl after the date because of it

      • karsha78
        karsha78 commented
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        What would be a chance that it would be a very windy night on their date? Oh, wait, before I go to the table I make sure to pass at the lavatory first to check my appearance.

    • #13
      I notice the scent of his perfume. There are men who smell so good with their favorite brand of perfumes. I do not like the man scented perfumes which are too strong. I like the sweet smelling ones.


      • LessSalt
        LessSalt commented
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        Do you go for the musky manly scent or just a light scent?

    • #14
      I like men who have great smiles. I just like smiling men with dimples. Aren't they cute to look at? I just fall in love with those men.


      • #15
        You're being too focused on hair. I think I might have news for you...