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  • Mouth full a cum

    As a guy I like a lady to cum in my mouth. As a lady do you like that from a guy? Can’t imagine you do????????*♂️
    I’m a lil dribble
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    I don't mind as long he would tell me that his about to shoot his load inside my mouth already


    • clumsygirl
      clumsygirl commented
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      I'm guessing that you don't want his load to shoot straight into your throat when he cums?

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    Looking for somebody to lick that precum on the tip of your dick?


    • karsha78
      karsha78 commented
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      Are you volunteering yourself to lick off his precum?

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    That's a really enticing pic that you have there. When was the last time somebody rode that cock of yours?


    • fuckashuck
      fuckashuck commented
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      Are you sure that that was his own cock?

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    I like to suck dicks but not really take the cum into my mouth. It happens in the porn movies but it only happens less in the real world. For me, I do not like the taste and the smell of the cum. It is like eeewww.


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      I also suck cocks and do the cum facial afterwards. But no cum in my mouth. I would just spit it out if ever there was an accidental cum that entered my mouth.


      • goodmanners
        goodmanners commented
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        Do you feel like a pornstar whenever a guy does that to you?

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      I could have it but no swallowing. Just in the mouth for few seconds then I would have to spit it out.


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        Yes that is a picture of my actual cock I have more if anyone wants them. LOL also ladies just so you know guys don’t care if you spit or swallow as long as you take it to the end. When you stop right before it’s anti-climactic. Get it I said climactic


        • Pedaedia
          Pedaedia commented
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          I would take it and I would not stop sucking it until a man cums.

        • snoogywookie
          snoogywookie commented
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          A man would be pissed off if a woman would suddenly stop so I won't do that.

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        Originally posted by Pedaedia View Post
        I would take it and I would not stop sucking it until a man cums.
        You're amazing.


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          I love to swallow cum. One of the best things with sex yum!