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The Lesser Of Two Evils

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  • The Lesser Of Two Evils

    When it comes to cheating which would be more hurtful for you. Having a physical affair or an emotional affair with another person?

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    I actually put them in the same pedestal because cheating whether it was only a physical or emotional one still counts as cheating in my book


    • brooksbrioche
      brooksbrioche commented
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      Does it mean that you would automatically break up with him whether he had a physical or emotional relationship

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    It would be an emotional affair for me. Because it means that the other person is more emotionally invested with the other person rather than with you


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      An emotional affair is more hurtful for me than a physical one. Because there have been cases that I can't fully satisfy my previous partners


      • clumsygirl
        clumsygirl commented
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        I'm assuming that you're not that fond of sex, that's why you can go easy on him if he slept with another woman

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      I do not think that a man would cheat you by just loving an another girl. Loving here does not involve any sex which is a physical affair.


      • Bang56
        Bang56 commented
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        I'm pretty sure that emotional affairs hurt more than physical for you.
        An emotional affair can put a lot of weight than physical and it can possibly destroy you (mentally).

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      The emotional affair would gonna hurt me more. When my man loves an another woman that means that he loves her more than I do.


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        An emotional affair with another person hurts the more because there was already feelings that were involved. Commonly, those emotional affairs would lead to physical affairs.


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          Since I've had exes who's actually done both, I would say that having a boyfriend who had an emotional affair. I felt like that we're just fuck buddies by the end of our relationship


          • furphyobserved
            furphyobserved commented
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            Guess that he really enjoyed doing it with you, that's why he didn't break up with you immediately