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A slow moving man

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  • A slow moving man

    What if there is a certain man that you like, and he seems to like you, too. But the issue is that he moves very slowly. Slowly in the sense that he had not asked you for a date yet. Would you still wait for him to ask you for a date or would you be the one to initiate some moves but not directly ask for a date. You want to hasten the situation, but he is just too slow for those things.

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    Are you sure that he likes you? I am afraid to inform you that he does not want you. You are only assuming that he likes you. If he had liked you, then he should have done something in the past. Most men are not that slow when it comes to relationships.


    • TastySanta
      TastySanta commented
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      He's slow and can't keep up with her simply because she's a fast moving woman, kidding! Well, men like him must've been longing from the past, meaning, he hasn't moved on from his past lover that's why he's struggling to keep up with everything around him.

    • lovebug42
      lovebug42 commented
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      This could be the case. It is possible that she only assumes that the man likes her. Assuming something which is not is a dangerous act.

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    That man could still be on his way to execute his actions for you. He could be waiting for the right time to ask you for a date. He could be judging if he has a sure chance that he could pass on you.


    • issues98
      issues98 commented
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      You're right, she should be patient as he is thinking the right moves to impress her. Good thinking, some might say that he's not really into her but he is. As they say, "Slowly but surely".

    • PerkyJerky
      PerkyJerky commented
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      But if he is already too long, then that would not be good anymore. No one should wait for a long time before they make actions.

    • nipples
      nipples commented
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      There is a time for everything. She should need to wait for some more time. If it is meant to be, then it would come without forcing it to, right?

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    Originally posted by babycakez23 View Post
    What if there is a certain man that you like, and he seems to like you, too. But the issue is that he moves very slowly. Slowly in the sense that he had not asked you for a date yet. Would you still wait for him to ask you for a date or would you be the one to initiate some moves but not directly ask for a date. You want to hasten the situation, but he is just too slow for those things.
    Fine! I'd be initiating the moves first, he should consider himself lucky that I am willing to make the first move. Yes, anything for him but as long as he's sure of me already.


    • Yummykorb
      Yummykorb commented
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      Yeah, your invitation for a date might be the catalyst to speed up the thing between you. You may have a better interactions after the first date.

    • Masterbabe
      Masterbabe commented
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      Okay, I could also make the first major move. I would invite him for a date. I could even pay for that first date if needed. Lol.

    • smokinghot66
      smokinghot66 commented
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      Okay, I got your point. You have a condition that he should be sure of you. You don't want to be rejected, do you?

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    I think I will wait for him no matter how long it takes. I don't want to look desperate so I won't ask him out for a date.


    • blizzss
      blizzss commented
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      No, I will not for him. I could not wait for a long time. There are other men who also like me, so whoever comes first then I would accept that man for a date.

    • lie11
      lie11 commented
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      You won't look desperate asking for a date. In fact, that would be courage. When you ask him for a date, that could be the start of something nice.

    • stickyyhen
      stickyyhen commented
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      If you wait for him for too long, that would make you look so desperate, too.

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    I won't any longer. If I am sure that he likes me back, I'll come up to him and tell him my feelings. I know that cowardice will do me no good.


    • Nica55
      Nica55 commented
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      You won't what? I think that there is something missing over there. I am not sure what it is. Is the missing word "fuck"?

    • Bang56
      Bang56 commented
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      Nica55 maybe not all guys wanted to fuck but they're slow moving because they're unsure of what they feel towards a lady that they really like. It's hard to think about making the right moves and if we think it is time, then we'd put in into action. As much as possible, we won't let a lady do the mopves for us, just be patient. That's all we could ever ask for.

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    He seems to you but in actuality he is not. Stop assuming things that he likes you. Should he really like you, he would have done a move already. Bottom line: he does not like you.


    • perfectionist
      perfectionist commented
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      Yes. I think that she just assumed that the man likes her. If a man likes a woman, he would make ways to catch her as immediately as he can.

    • pms60
      pms60 commented
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      This is the problem of assuming things. We need to have the information in the most concrete way as to not get lost in the middle of life.

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    I think he's slower than molasses and snails, and everything around him is in the right pace. What seems to be holding him back? Probably he's not that into you so might as well get over it and you might find a man that will be at same pace as you are.


    • imahappyclown
      imahappyclown commented
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      It's obvious when a person is not interested in you, he or she can't seem to be on the same pace as you are so it's better to diregard them and look for another person that is quick on his knees just to be with you.

    • vixenvicky
      vixenvicky commented
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      He is slowly processing his feelings towards you and he's trying to think of ways to approach you. Well, maybe he's that type of guy that is awkward. So, I don't think that it's his fault for being that way but I know that he can change somehow.

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    I guess I would take the initiative on asking him out on a date. It is the 21st century and people should realize that men shouldn't always be the ones to take the first move.
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    • Gotchya
      Gotchya commented
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      Aren't you brave? I hope more women will realize that they should exert an effort too and not just always wait for the man to move.

    • surfjock
      surfjock commented
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      Wow! Such a bold move right there! I'm sure that he will be turned on by what you did just so he would know that you're really interested in him. Yeah, that's what's taking him slow, it's just that he's not sure if you're really interested in him.

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    You said it yourself, he only SEEMS to like you. He didn't explicitly say it so I guess you should stop hoping that he likes you for real and that he will ask you out on a date. Save yourself from hurt, darling.


    • financialcowbird
      financialcowbird commented
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      In short, we're just assuming things into thinking that he is interested in us but the fact that it's taking him slow is that he's slowly making his way out of it. Yeah, better save it for the better and we both should not get our hopes for each other already.

    • PearBear
      PearBear commented
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      I agree with both of you but then again I feel bad for those people who had false hope with the person they are interested with. Those people who are slow moving, they should have said that they do not like them so they will never put up with themselves into thinking that there would be a chance for them to be with them.

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    I do believe that the guy is just building up his courage and probably saving money before asking you out on a date. If I were you, I'll wait for him to ask you out in order for it to be more special.


    • boringyou
      boringyou commented
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      True. I do think that guys will be hurt if the girls that they like are the ones who will ask them out for a date. Maybe you should wait a little longer or drop little hints and see if he notices them and eventually asks you out.

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    If a woman takes things slow for me when I'm being too quick to ask her to be my girlfriend then I would understand. Yes, it is better to take things slow. I would understand because I initiated and would just wait for her no matter how long it would take me because I know for sure that she is serious with me that's why she's having a hard time thinking things through.


    • wittyou
      wittyou commented
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      But what if it's taking her so long and you seem to grow tired of waiting for her? Yes, I am sure that soon you will be tired of hearing her excuses and hearing her reasons as to why she is prolonging to answer you to be his girlfriend. She just can't see to be upfront with you that she is no longer interested in you or is scared to reject you.