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The cheating fiance

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  • The cheating fiance

    A man chatted with you and as the conversation went along, he is starting to flirt with you. Then a chat request popped up, it was from a woman saying that she is his 'fiance', telling you to stop flirting with him. She even warned you that she's already being cheated by him to you, so, what do you do next?

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    Okay, I think I should block them both and pretend I never even met anyone of them, lol. I did not expect the woman that I was flirting with already has a fiance and why would she even chat with me and started flirting with me?


    • innocentgirl
      innocentgirl commented
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      I hope you did not flirt back with her and it would be clear that she really is a cheating fiance. Great thing that you dodged a bullet there, it seems that the fiance did not know about this side of her.

    • Teamnessa
      Teamnessa commented
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      Yep. That is one of the best thing to do. Blocking them both would already be the solution. Once blocked, they would not be able to contact you anymore.

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    I think that they're just messing with me. Maybe I should create a group chat and all of us will get to explain each side there OR maybe I can start a group conference call and it would be easier than typing words.


    • clumsygirl
      clumsygirl commented
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      Eh? Messing around with you? Why would they waste their time messing with you?

    • perfectionist
      perfectionist commented
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      Are you that concerned that you needed to create a group chat to explain your side? You could not dump that man and ignore the two of them.

    • potatome
      potatome commented
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      Okay, you could do that one. Have it settled amicably, then you forget about it.

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    That cheating fiance deserves an explanation to me and to her! I cannot believe that I fell for all his flirting skills (which is pretty good actually) and I did not know that he is already engaged.


    • Championia
      Championia commented
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      If you fell for his flirting skills, that means that he was good at it. Who knows if you were not the only one who fell for it. I guess most cheaters are also multi-doers; that is, they would do the same thing over a number of people simultaneously.

    • wittyou
      wittyou commented
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      Do you think that he would explain? Of course, not! He would just leave you as he was already caught.

    • janeDaLioness
      janeDaLioness commented
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      Nope. No need to have an explanation. Why would he needed to say something? He was cheating his fiancee, and I was there firting with him but not knowing that he already had a girlfriend. I was fooled, too.

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    • pms60
      pms60 commented
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      He's totally a jerk because he's already engaged so why is he out there flirting with random women on chats?

    • routinetine
      routinetine commented
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      Yes! Or it could be that he was only an amateur, so he got caught easily.

    • Trystingbish
      Trystingbish commented
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      Such an amateur cheater! Lol. Well, he had a dose of his own medicine.

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    I would ignore the message of the girl and I would continue with the flirting with that man. I do not care if the girl becomes furious. Hey, I just want some fun, too.


    • lie11
      lie11 commented
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      Lol, they're both engaged but why is that man unfaithful to his soon to be wifey? I feel bad but happy that she will soon regret dating this man, I think they should break up and the man should get along with the woman he's cheating with.

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    If I were his fiancee, then I would ask him to choose if he still likes to be with me. Otherwise, I would dump him and I would look for someone else who would never cheat on me.


    • chipsitaly
      chipsitaly commented
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      Of course, why be with a fiance that would cheat on you before you two would become married couples? That's wrong and it will not be fair to your part.

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    • dreamsbaby2
      dreamsbaby2 commented
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      Slap? Oh come on, would you still want to be with that kind of guy? He already cheated on you so there's no way that you should continue marrying him because he will cheat on you again, for sure.

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    • FieryCloudz25
      FieryCloudz25 commented
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      She might've snooped on his phone or he must have forgotten that his account is online and is synced in one of the websites of her phone. Then, BOOM the cheater has been caught, spot-on!

    • heartheart
      heartheart commented
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      Oh, come on newkidda. Women work for the CIA and FBI, don't you think she wouldn't find out that easily? Of course, she has ways to find out about it since her fiance has been acting differently lately.

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    • BabySaltWicked
      BabySaltWicked commented
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      Then dump him, you do not want to be with someone like that? End the relationship with him because it is clear that he will cheat on you again, believe me, financialcowbird.

    • blizzss
      blizzss commented
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      It would not be possible that you should take the place of the fiance and she will get dumped. Of course, he'd still choose to be with his fiance because they've been together for so long and you just came into the picture recently.

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    If I was the only girl who he was flirting with, then I must be flattered! Imagine someone who would get married soon would still find someone as gorgeous as me to flirt with!


    • snoogywookie
      snoogywookie commented
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      Don't we all just want to have someone to flirt with? Most especially that the guy is already engaged and guess what? He likes you better than his fiance, that's would be a huge deal for me and I hope we'd get to have a one night stand before he gets married any time soon!

    • clssc
      clssc commented
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      Lol. How sure are you that you are the only one? It could be that he made it to a point that he would flirt with lots of women before taking his marriage.

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    • hamster11
      hamster11 commented
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      Can't you just go out with single men instead, guana? You shouldn't be hooking up with men who are about to get married. You might get too attached to him because of those hookups.

    • KatVonMe
      KatVonMe commented
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      guana So you think that the man will pursue you anytime soon? Possibly, especially if you might have convinced him to leave his fiance just to be with you but you have to make sure that you can be a better version of his fiance. Can you even beat that?

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    • mitchyLL
      mitchyLL commented
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      I guess that all of us, whatever our gender is, would feel common things: betrayed and pained.

    • TassetTasty
      TassetTasty commented
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      They made the wrong choice of partner. They did not see this coming, this side of them that they wish it never existed. No one likes a cheating partner, plus, are you sure that you are going to marry someone like that? No thanks.