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  • Lost love

    They say that there are two certain things in this world. One is tax and the other one is death. What would you do if your partner whom you love so much suddenly died? Sudden like a car accident which is very common cause of sudden death or murdered through gun shots. This is the literal losing of a person and once lost you could never have that person back anymore.

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    Oh, no. That would be a tragic event. For me, I had never thought that my partner would be gone to soon. It is only now that a realization struck me. And yes, those accidents could happen to anyone and our loved ones could be the victims. Hmmm, in that particular case, then I would definitely get so sad that I am sure that I would cry a river.


    • FieryCloudz25
      FieryCloudz25 commented
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      It's okay, grieve to your lost loved one. Cry him a river if you have to, but yes, I'd feel bad for you for losing a man like him he might be the nicest and sweetest human being left of you and he's gone, he would feel as if he's irreplaceable.

    • wittyou
      wittyou commented
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      FieryCloudz25 But would you replace the person whom you had loved the most? Should you do, would you replace that person immediately?

    • clssc
      clssc commented
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      Hmmm, yes, it would be tragic. And yes, it would be so sad to have someone leave you forever.

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    I had encountered to be left behind, to be ghosted, to be broken up but there was no instance that a love of my part lost his life. And, yes, it never occurred to me that they would be gone suddenly due to any accidents. I guess that it would be painful to lose something that you love. Yeah, but, what can we do? Death is a part of life as it is the end part of life.


    • chipsitaly
      chipsitaly commented
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      That's the sad part of life, death and it is inevitable we'll grieve for a moment and accept that they're gone but they will live on to our memories forever.

    • Trystingbish
      Trystingbish commented
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      Me, too. That scenario never occurred to me. Now, I have something to add to my worries. Of course, it is something that would not happen very often.

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    What? This is a bit morbid, but, yeah, there is a probability that my partner would get involved in any accidents and I could lose him in no time. Surely, I would be shocked first, then slowly, it would sink in that he is gone already.


    • lie11
      lie11 commented
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      It would be hard if the person you loved had passed away. He will always be in your memories but it is your choice if you'd stay single because you have lost him or there might be a chance that you can find love again, but to most cases, they end up alone.

    • janeDaLioness
      janeDaLioness commented
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      Yes, by the time that it had sunk in, you would realize that life would never be the same again as someone was lost and that someone would never come back anymore.

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    I will cry myself for days, weeks, months or a year. Hello? It's the love of my life and now he's gone, he will forever be irreplaceable in my heart.


    • routinetine
      routinetine commented
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      Are you sure? That would mean that you had closed your heart for any man that would come to your life in the future.

    • innocentgirl
      innocentgirl commented
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      What do you mean irreplaceable? Do you mean that you won't love again? Does that mean that your love life would end with him?

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    If a loved one of mine has passed, I hope that it wouldn't be too tragic like an accident or a gunshot. I know she is all kind and the reason behind her passing would be better if it were from an illness. Still, it won't be acceptable for me that she has already left me in this world but I hope someday we will see each other soon.


    • perfectionist
      perfectionist commented
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      If it is an illness, the agony is longer. Why would you allow your love one to suffer from pain for months before leaving this world? Quick death would be better as you would die just moments from having those tragic accidents.

    • backrubsss
      backrubsss commented
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      We could choose an illness as we could stay with them for a longer time, but have you thought that those illnesses would bring pain to them. That is called agony on their part.

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    Once you've lost them, you can never have them back and all you have are just memories of them in your mind. I'll just keep thinking of them because that's all I have of them, memories. There's nothing else I can do to bring them back, I'll just have to accept that they're gone already.


    • mitchyLL
      mitchyLL commented
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      Yes, they would remain as memories as you really could not turn them back. But, would you still keep them on your memories when a new someone comes along?

    • percymercy
      percymercy commented
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      Yes, accept that they are gone. Sometimes, the idea of immortality comes to my mind. What if we won't die anymore? I am saying that we should not live old, too. It is like when we reach 18, we would be stuck at that age forever.

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    I do not want my partner to die in such tragic ways, well, if that ever happens then I would be heartbroken. It will take some time for me to recover but I'm not sure when exactly.


    • blizzss
      blizzss commented
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      There's no fast or easy recovery when a loved one has passed especially if it ended in a tragic way. And that partner was all good to you, it would be hard for you to find someone to replace him.

    • Readeronic
      Readeronic commented
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      Of course, no one wants to end their lives in such tragic ways possible. That would be painful most especially for the people who care for you if that ever happens.

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    If the love of my life gets hits by a bullet (then died) I would definitely kill that motherfucker that had killed her. I will avenge her all my life, it would be a threatening life to live but it is not acceptable for me that someone has to get away with what they've done to my partner.


    • potatome
      potatome commented
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      And then what? What would happen to you after that one? You would rot in jail for a long time. It would not look so good.

    • heartlistener
      heartlistener commented
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      Oh, honey, revenge is not the answer. If someone had killed the love of your life, you should accept that she has gone and you will never turn back time to get her back.

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    I remember Buddha where his father hid to him all the things that would happen to humans which included sickness and death. I could imagine how shock he was when he saw all those horrible things that were happening to humans.


    • TassetTasty
      TassetTasty commented
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      That is what we call life and life as we know it has those challenges, sufferings, and all other things. But on the brighter side, all those sufferings will no longer exist because things are just temporary, right?

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    If I'd lost a loved one, I think sooner or later I would have to find somebody to love. I wouldn't want to be alone but it would take years before I can finally move on from a deceased love one.


    • KatVonMe
      KatVonMe commented
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      Don't you think it's too early for you to find someone that could replace him? You should take some time to heal and that next person won't even think about you having him as an easy-recovery or rebound. Give yourself some time to meditate and find your peace of mind.

    • Jane12
      Jane12 commented
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      You are right about that. But before finding another person to love, be sure to make yourself ready and healed first. You do not want to be in another relationship when you are not yet over with your dead past lover.

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    As people say, things happen for a reason. So if that situation happened to me, then I will accept it. Well, acceptance is different from forgetting so yes, I will accept that my love is gone but I won't forget about him ever.


    • heartheart
      heartheart commented
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      He will always be in your memories, sis. I think it might be unbearable for me to take it if that ever happens to me, I'm scared to lose my partner because of death but we cannot escape death.

    • boringyou
      boringyou commented
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      True. Your life shouldn't stop just because you lost the love of your life. If he could only tell you something, I think that would be how he wants you to live your life well even though he's already gone.

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    That is just sad. If the woman of my life died, I wouldn't forget about it easily. I might even consider not dating anyone anymore. The trauma of that situation will surely have a big impact on me.


    • loss77
      loss77 commented
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      Exactly! But time heals all wounds, right? If I lost someone special in my life, I will accept it but I won't be able to move on quickly. I am sure that I will take some time reflecting about what happened.

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    If ever I lose the person that I love, I am sure that I will not be okay about it. I will probably spend some time crying and asking for him to come back (even if it's impossible). It will surely be long before I find myself falling for someone again.


    • imahappyclown
      imahappyclown commented
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      Spend time crying or mourning to a love one is normal but asking him to come back?? Come on you should help yourself to move and accept the fact that hes gone and just be with me lol

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    Although men are perceived to be tough, when they lose their loved one, the pain is unbearable. So if something like that happened to me, I will most likely drown myself in alcohol as well as tears. Yes, men can get emotional too.