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How Many Dates Does It Take?

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  • How Many Dates Does It Take?

    How many dates does it usually take for you to tell the other person that you want things to be exclusive for the two of you

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    Around 3 to 4 good dates? Which I feel is a safe number of dates in order to each other well


    • issues98
      issues98 commented
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      Yeah, I agree with these numbers. Three or four is a good number as you had already seen the guy few times already. And yes, you had already known more stuffs about him after those said number of dates.

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    If two people were meant for each other, the number of dates should be factored out, at least for me.


    • smokinghot66
      smokinghot66 commented
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      Oh, yeah. I remember some stories that there were some people who had gone into relationships even after there were so many hindrances that they braced.

    • Laicah33
      Laicah33 commented
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      So, does that mean that even on the first date, you would already know if someone is in for exclusive dates?

    • morningglory
      morningglory commented
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      Is this what we call a destiny? Sometimes, I wonder if this is even real. They say that we can have whatever life throws to us.

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    It all depends on how good your connection with each other? The fastest one for me was three dates.


    • karsha78
      karsha78 commented
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      I just hope that relationship lasted more than 3 months

    • Jane12
      Jane12 commented
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      karsha78 It could last even for more than 3 decades. Well, it all depends on the two people. But, yeah, some couples lasted for more than three decades.

    • Gotchya
      Gotchya commented
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      I guess that three dates are fine with me, too. After having three dates, I could already have more information about the man.

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    It usually takes me three dates to ask him where this is all headed. Because it would just be a waste of both of our time if he's not sure where it is headed


    • Nica55
      Nica55 commented
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      I do not think that he would date you for three times already and it was just nothing to him. He dated you because he is serious with you.

    • babycakez23
      babycakez23 commented
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      Men would not date women more than once if they knew that it was headed to nowhere. So, having three dates mean that he is looking forward to something more.

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    How about having to know the answer after having three dates? I guess that after three dates, you had come to know the person more. By that time, there would be some ideas and thoughts if you like the person already. You could already have a decision after that time.


    • stickyyhen
      stickyyhen commented
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      Are you expecting him to ask you by the third date? What's going to happen if he didn't ask you that question by then?

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    Do we really need to count how many dates before we could figure out if we want to have exclusive dates? Well, I could say that after one date, I would already know if someone is in for exclusive dates. So quick, you say? Yep, I am that fast to know if someone is okay for exclusive dates.


    • lie11
      lie11 commented
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      Well, that is really quick. Are you sure that you would not have any problems with that one? They say that when something was done hastily, the chance of error is higher.

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    I guess that it is not for me to decide. But about if I like to have exclusive dates with him, but he is not ready for it yet? What if he wants non-exclusive dates as he also dates other women whom he likes to have? See? It is not dependent on me alone. This would be a decision that is to me made by two people.


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      For me, I need more dates to know more of a person. So, I need few more dates before I could say that I am in for exclusive dates with him. How about saying after 8 dates? I guess that would be enough for me to decide if that person is already a boyfriend candidate.


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        One date is fine with me. By having a first date, I could also feel if I like to have him more or to end the dating scene already.


        • heartlistener
          heartlistener commented
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          Can't believe that you're willing to be his girlfriend based on that date that you just had

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        It is for the man to decide if he wants to have exclusive dates with me. If he wants to have one, and if I like him, then we would have a mutual decision already.