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  • Same Sex Flings

    The title of the topic says it all. Has any of you had some sort of a fling with a person from the same sex?

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    I had a classmate in college who acted like were dating. She would often lend me her notes, made sure that I always ate, etc...


    • xXtinaGelo
      xXtinaGelo commented
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      I didn't get what you mean but I realize it within a month when she keeps on doing good things to me.

    • Bang56
      Bang56 commented
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      So what is your reaction while she's doing that?

    • loss77
      loss77 commented
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      xXtinaGelo Are you sure that she acted like you guys are dating? What if she just cares for you?

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    Well, I don't engage myself in same-sex activity but I enjoy lesbian porn. To answer your question, No I haven't fling with girls like me.


    • anitabanger
      anitabanger commented
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      How about a one night stand with a really hot female pornstar, are you down for that?

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    If it was just fling then yes. She was so sad and I tried to be sweet with her so I can cheer her up. We actually tried kissing for a short time.


    • biglifter
      biglifter commented
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      When the two of you made out, did it feel awkward or not?

    • Nica55
      Nica55 commented
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      Really? So how many times have you guys kissed? and how does it feel?

    • innocentgirl
      innocentgirl commented
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      percymercy Of course I kissed her again, but i did not kiss her torridly.

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    That's something that never crossed my mind since I never been attracted to women from the start.


    • wigeon
      wigeon commented
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      It only means that we are straight and don't like doing it with someone who is the same like us.

    • babycakez23
      babycakez23 commented
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      But has there been a woman who tried to asked you out on a date?

    • lovebug42
      lovebug42 commented
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      babycakez23 No since they already know that I am straight plus I'm introvert.

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    There have been a few acquaintances who tried to have a fling or a relationship with me before.


    • dixieNormous
      dixieNormous commented
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      And how did you tell them that you're not interested in having a relationship with them?

    • cheater
      cheater commented
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      I'm pretty sure those acquaintances of yours are lesbians or bisexuals.

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    I'd never really thought of myself as anything other than straight until a friend of mine said she liked me so I played along and kiss her in the cheeks.


    • anxiousme
      anxiousme commented
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      Was she serious that she likes you as a girlfriend or just a friend? You should have make out with her lol

    • snoogywookie
      snoogywookie commented
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      Are you afraid that she might take it seriously if you kissed her on the lips?

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    Made out with a bunch of women before because of dares but never tried to have flings with any of them.


    • dandeliontoes
      dandeliontoes commented
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      I also fell in the same situation during the game of truth and dare and we have to do it realistically.

    • surfjock
      surfjock commented
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      Would love to see you make out with one of your friends lol.

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    No, I don't like to fling with a woman like me but I do call my friends "bae" or "boo" because we are sweet with each other but not romantically but as close friends.


    • d1ckhandl3r
      d1ckhandl3r commented
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      Are you going to stop being friends with her if she wanted to have a romantic relationship with you?

    • Trystingbish
      Trystingbish commented
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      But don't you think that using those terms of endearment would make them feel that there might be something between the two of you?

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    I ended up giving her a full-body massage with oil to see what if she likes it. We even sleep together and had an identity crisis during my senior years.


    • Readeronic
      Readeronic commented
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      What about now? Are you still having an identity crisis and still like a woman?

    • newkidda
      newkidda commented
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      Did something happen when you both slept together like you fingered her or something?

    • nyctophilia
      nyctophilia commented
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      Were you the one who offered her to give the massage or she asked you to do it?

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    I went on lesbian dating apps just to try it and lots of girls are inviting me on a date but I haven't fully accepted it.


    • TrickyTasty
      TrickyTasty commented
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      Why join a lesbian dating app when you don't have plans of dating any of the members?

    • BabyPie
      BabyPie commented
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      Did you signup on those sites just to find out what kind of lesbians will be attracted to you?

    • lie11
      lie11 commented
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      Can you tell us why?

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    I had a crush with a girl before and I drove her home and nothing happened from there. Still, she and I are still friends.


    • allaboutlove
      allaboutlove commented
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      Did you ever plan a move on her? You should have at least done something to her.

    • Laicah33
      Laicah33 commented
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      Have you confessed your feeling to her? what if she feels the same way.

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    No, I haven't experienced having a woman as my fling. One reason for that is I am a straight woman and there is no way that I will be able to allow myself to be in that kind of situation.


    • stevemcdream
      stevemcdream commented
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      Well, sometimes straight woman breaks their rule if they find the opposite sex to be attractive.

    • brooksbrioche
      brooksbrioche commented
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      yes and there's no problem with that however, I'm straight straight lol

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    I haven't had a fling with the same sex. However, I have already tried making out with a girl! Because of that, I am thinking if I should already try to have a girl as a fling.


    • funfun88
      funfun88 commented
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      Are you hoping that have one as soon as we're allowed to go out in public again.

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    What's with the same sex fascination all of a sudden? Is everybody experimenting on doing or having sex relations right now?


    • loveME
      loveME commented
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      The ones who posted this topics might be reminiscing the times they experimented with the same sex.

    • alottavagina
      alottavagina commented
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      clssc I guess they're right, quarantine made people do weird things and in this case, it made people think weird things, lol.

    • clssc
      clssc commented
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      alottavagina imagine being stuck all days of the week for the rest of the month and then for more months, damn.