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    Sounds like most of the girls here just made out with other women while the guys are a bit quiet about this topic.


    • listlisa
      listlisa commented
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      How about you? Have you been on a fling with a fellow hot girl before?

    • LoveHoney
      LoveHoney commented
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      Maybe none of them had a fling from someone from the same sex that's why they're quiet.

    • heartheart
      heartheart commented
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      Yeah, but That only happned to me once. and that was before. how about you? listlisa

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    I don't mind being called a bore or a prude but I've never had a fling and even made out with a girl before.


    • LessSalt
      LessSalt commented
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      Not sure that not having a same sex fling will automatically make you a prude or bore. So you don't have to worry about it.

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    I dated a girl before and it didn't end well for me. She ended up stalking me and harassing the guys who are interested to go out with me.It took almost two years before she stopped doing it.


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      I don't flirt to the same gender. I only like them but I just don't flirt with them.