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Stop Dreaming!!! Let's have a great time tonight...

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  • Stop Dreaming!!! Let's have a great time tonight...

    [email protected]
    Awaiting hearing from you!
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    Sounds fishy....


    • anxiousme
      anxiousme commented
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      Well, just ignore her if you think that something is fishy with what she said

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    Those are a nice pair of tits that you have there honey. Are you willing to have some fun with women?


    • moneymoney
      moneymoney commented
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      I'm guessing that you want to play with her tits also?

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    Why are you not interested to chat with us here? I would love spend sometime sucking and playing with those titties of yours


    • goodmanners
      goodmanners commented
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      They're quite a pair, right? Would love to have at least a half of her cupsize

    • MarilynPWarr
      MarilynPWarr commented
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      I am new and very often here that's why i gave my gmail So that you can mail me and get me know more

    • furphyobserved
      furphyobserved commented
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      MarilynPWarr try and interact with the members here so that the chances of finding a guy would be greater

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    I would love to have my dick between those titties and would love to suck on them as well


    • Gotchya
      Gotchya commented
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      What are the other things that you would love to do to her?

    • Jane12
      Jane12 commented
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      That's hot! I am kinda horny right now the moment I read this,lol.

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    I were kissing your body all over #Gotchya


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      So I decided to e-mail this person since they were kind enough to publically post their contact address. And to prove stevemcdream's suspicions correct. This person has a website (uh huh) that requires you to prove you are who you say you are by entering your credit card into the site. It says it's to give you an adult verification ID. Of course I told her/them to take a hike when they tried to push the justification. I'm on AFF, Instabang, LocalSexbook and other legitimate sites that don't even require that.So if they post here again, you'll know. Now it's off to bed.