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Lonely in Louisville

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  • Lonely in Louisville

    Let me try to get up in here I can't figure something out..
    . Anybody from from the great city of Louisville hanging around

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    Do you have any preference or are you free for all?


    • SexyCokeMan
      SexyCokeMan commented
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      I'm not sure that I'm following you what do you mean by that?

    • xXtinaGelo
      xXtinaGelo commented
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      I guess she's asking what are you into. I'm quite curious myself.

    • lipspotatochips
      lipspotatochips commented
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      SexyCokeMan she wanted to know your preference when it comes to women that you want have sex with

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    Why not tell us what you are trying to figure out here, maybe we could help you in that


    • JustaGuy99
      JustaGuy99 commented
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      Yeah. People here are more active than you think.

    • skuzzvibe
      skuzzvibe commented
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      Yeah. Still surprise everytime I stop by here.

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    Seen someone yet? Just curious. I might know some friends in that area.


    • AlivePerfect
      AlivePerfect commented
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      I think he wasn't able to find a woman to hookup with