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Dennis & Janis (conclusion)

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  • Dennis & Janis (conclusion)

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    I dove back in to her vagina. I moved my mouth up and down her lips like a street sweeper and kept my hands stretched out between her tits. Janis responded by making a series of surprised gasps that turned back in to her pleasure gasps after less than a few seconds. They did not sound like her ping pong gasps. They were louder; they came from her lungs.

    She smelled of sweat and warm stickiness and my nose dipped in to her vag and out and I snorted her fluids back into her. I wanted as much of her as I could get. I wanted her whole body under my control. Janis touched the top of my head and groped it and let her hand retreat and I knew she wanted the same. I pressed one of my hands against her inner thigh and pushed, her leg jerking upwards, allowing me movement across her entire mound and allowing room for my other hand to slide out of her lower vulva on to to her cheek. I moved it from her cheek to her mouth, wide open with vocalizations and she took my fingers in her mouth and sucked and sucked and ceased her noise for some moments. I watched her diaphragm move in when I licked the upper edge of her pussy and watched her brown pubic prickles rush by beside gleaming inner cunt when I worked back down. I kept pushing on her leg and let her push back to make her feel like this was a team effort. Her vagina began to bloom enough that I could move my tongue in whatever patterns I wanted and I wouldn’t touch a single prickle of hair. So I let loose every iteration of tongue movement roughly in the center of her vagina and moved my hand off her leg and slipped one single finger in to her folds below me and, as I rubbed, felt that they were no longer folds but walls of excitement. Retracting, expanding. Oozing. Red.
    Naturally, this was when Janis lost all control. First she stopped sucking on my fingers and opened her mouth with my hand still dangling out and let out a series of emphatic, porn star noisess that increased in pitch each time. I removed my hand from her mouth at about the moan where she reached “ti” on the harmonic scale. I mean to double penetrate her now gaping giant vagina with a finger from each hand, but Janis spazzed out on her last, highest note. She jerked her thighs closed. They caved around my head and my hearing just went blank. Smooth female thigh skin is the most effective sound proofing. It made me work my cramped tongue even harder. I dipped it deep inside her and curled it back in to my mouth. I did this again and again. Her feet bounced off my back. Her thighs stayed clamped. I felt the buzz of Kip responding to my text under my shoulder. And I thought about:
    (That curly long haired model in the multi-colored swimsuit on the beach, staring out at me. Re-incarnated now as the insecure Catholic school girl smothering me with her thighs).
    Janis unbuckled her thighs. Her feet bounced off my back. Aside from the rush of air, I was greeted by Janis’ very loud performance of falsetto moans-three of them-that felt like they would rupture my ear buds. She fumbled her hand on my forehead and pressed against it hard enough that I cocked my head upward so I could stare down her belly, down her inward and outward moving diaphragm and watch the results of my work.
    It gave me one of my brilliant, twisted ideas.
    I dipped two fingers in to her and it felt like going fucking fishing with my hand. With my free hand, I fumbled around for my phone. I grabbed it. I picked it up, turned on the picture app, turned the camera lens towards Janis, backed away from her a few inches, kept a finger swirling and snapped a single, clean, beautiful image. Her legs gyrating around the edge of frame. Her head cocked to one side on her pillow. Her mouth open in sensation. Her bouncy, future soccer mom tits jiggling. All this captured in a still frame.

    I dropped the phone on the sheets. I twisted my finger out of her vagina and streaked it across her thigh and up her leg. She closed her legs like a malfunctioning pair of pliers as I did so. I felt like I needed to do something else before I left for good. I brought my cell phone hand up to her cheek, again, this time not bringing it anywhere near her mouth. I caressed her cheek as if to confirm that I could also be a sensitive, passionate lover (spoiler alert: I couldn’t).
    I had just laid my hand on her cheek, expecting her to continue to catch her breath while I stroked her skin. Instead she slapped my hand away.
    She sat all the way up, wildly, as if realizing that something she’d been dreaming was real. She looked down at my phone. I looked down at my phone.
    It was only then when I realized I’d pressed the wrong button. No photo had been taken. This was a video. It was still recording.
    “Did you just take a picture of me?” Janis said.
    “Not much of a picture,” I said. I stopped the video. I picked up the phone. “Should make an interesting video though.”
    She smacked the phone out of my hand. It careened down to the floor.
    “Fuck you Dennis, fuck you!” She screamed at me. She slapped my arms and my shoulders. She didn’t quite know what she was aiming for. I got off her bed and went to get my phone. As I searched around for it, I heard Janis saying;
    “Why the fuck did I trust you…why the fuck did I trust you…why the fuck…”
    It was all to herself. She was really talking to herself the whole time. Not to me at all. I went to grab my shirt. Janis had her face buried in a pillow. She was sitting upright, naked, her vagina still not put back together all nice and neat, a pillow pressed to her face. I snatched the shirt out from under her foot and put it on.
    “Fuck you!” she shouted again and threw the pillow at me.
    This was amusing enough that I had to show her what she’d done. I pulled up the video on my phone and turned it to her. I stood in the middle of her floor.
    “You did a good job,” I said. “This is how you did.”
    I can’t quite describe the look on Janis’ face when she looked from the phone to me.
    She screamed,
    “Get out!”
    I opened her door and left. I went home.

    Too bad she didn’t want to fuck me. She would have been a nice alternative to escort sex. I considered this loss as I crossed the street to my dorm minutes later, a cool air having descended on the campus and the sun slanted so that it’s rays fell on me and, so it felt, only on me. The other element to my walk was the slowly evaporating tang-taste of pussy, which reminded me that I’d eaten a girl out something intense and that you couldn’t even do with call girls. So, a win.
    I uploaded the video to my computer. I color corrected it a little. I thought about cropping it but I didn’t. The frame was already perfect. I jerked off to it.
    It was only then that I realized how I would resolve the issue of the serious, crazy debt I’d gotten myself in to. It was only then, as I waited for the picture to send in a text message to Dirk that I realized, everything is going to be okay.
    And it was a moment later, as I pondered what thought content did fire off in Janis’ mind as she stretched her jaw wide for those moments captured on video that I thought, I am living in my magazine, I am living in my magazine, I am living in my magazine now.

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    Did you draw that pic or you've just got it from somewhere?


    • tom8854
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      A friend drew it. Do you like it? Does it fit well with the story?

    • dandeliontoes
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      Was about to compliment you that you're not only a good story teller but also an artist as well

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    The moment I read janis, this was all i could think of


    • morningglory
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      Why do you have to involve her in this?