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Starting The New Year With A Bang!

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  • Starting The New Year With A Bang!

    Has any of you welcomed the new year with a hookup? For me it was just cunnilingus since my friend suddenly called me as the guy was about to put his dick inside me

  • #2
    Yes, I've done it with a couple of exes of mine. While fireworks were exploding outside, he was exploding inside of me as well lol


    • FantasticLil
      FantasticLil commented
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      Lucky for you didn't get pregnant with all those explosions done to you.

  • #3
    Mine was a couple of minutes after the new year since we were making out when the clock hit midnight


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      There were a couple of them before and I didn't mind if I was the one who did the walk of shame the morning after


      • BabyPie
        BabyPie commented
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        Do you really think that it is still considered walk of shame for you guys?

    • #5
      Got head from our fav local club on NYE.... from the owners DAUGHTER ????????


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        Gave my boyfriend a titty fuck, he exploded in my face at the same time the fireworks began exploding in the sky.


        • #7
          Haven't tried that yet but would love to do that maybe next year.