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    I was hooking up with this girl for a couple of days and awhile ago while we're cuddling, she suddenly asks me if I tried getting pegged before. I told her that my asshole is a one way street and I don't have any plans of getting pegged. I was wondering if any of the guys here have tried it and what made you decide to try it

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    I would suggest that you prepare your ass already since it looks like you would be doing it soon lol


    • karsha78
      karsha78 commented
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      LMAO! Do you really think that he will be pegged soon?

    • clssc
      clssc commented
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      Have you tried being pegged before? If yes, how does it feel?

    • Nvr2erotic4TLC
      Nvr2erotic4TLC commented
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      He's thinking about it ain't he bro

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    If you're the type of guy who enjoys doing anal and she's not, then you should be willing to get pegged just to be fair to your partner. It's like "I would let you fuck my ass, if I'm can fuck your ass also"


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    I guess you should try it at least once in your lifetime and let you be the one to decide whether it's good or bad.


    • wittyou
      wittyou commented
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      I agree with you, there is no harm in experiencing new things.

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    Tried it before, bro and I could say it's something you should definitely try.


    • sunnyscenster
      sunnyscenster commented
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      Do you find it pleasurable and will you do it again if possible?

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    I guess you should try the suggestion of guana . Do not miss that once in a lifetime opportunity.


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      I guess you need to buy a lot of lubricants then and prepare your ass to be stretch, I'm sure you will enjoy it.


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        Pegging is not my thing, I have tried it once and heck, it feels like I am pooping.


        • KatVonMe
          KatVonMe commented
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          Maybe she did not hit your prostate when you were pegged that is why you did not felt any pleasure.

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        I am willing to do the pegging if you decided that you wanna do it. (That if you suddenly broke up with your


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          Dam I must really be out of the loop what the hell is pegging I've never heard that before


          • routinetine
            routinetine commented
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            I guess you really are out of the loop. lol Bigdikriik69

          • lipspotatochips
            lipspotatochips commented
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            I suggest that you try this at least once, who knows, you might enjoy it.

          • shizzlygizzly
            shizzlygizzly commented
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            At goodmanners is correct, but I am warning you, you need a lot of ass stretching. lol

        • #11
          Maybe the reason why she asked that question is to test you on how open minded are you when it comes to sex. And since you answered that you're not willing to do it, she can also use your reason if you ask her to do anal with you


          • AirBobo
            AirBobo commented
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            I might go and ask the same thing the next time a guy asks me if we can do anal

        • #12
          You will never know unless you try, right? So I would recommend you try it once, dear and decide for yourself.


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            I would suggest you to use anal plugs to stretch your ass before engaging in a pegging session.