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    I've met this lovely internet friend just last year and now we're like soul-sisters. She shares her hookup and relationship stories with me and one of them is what I'm about to share with you guys. One time, she met a hot man from a dating app, he's in the Navy and at that time he has time to spare to get to know her. Days and nights they usually flirt back and forth and she's falling deeply in love with him. Since then they became more serious about their relationship until one day, he surprised her showing his plane ticket and even sent her his flight info to keep track. Let's skip to the part when the day finally came for them to finally meet up. She came prepared and waited for him at the airport, it's been thirty minutes then turned into an hour. Where could he be? She chatted with me at that time saying she's already worried. There are no updates from him since his plane had left. Sadly, he did not show up so she decided to go home. She then contacted one of his friends and says that he's there, that he has already landed but where is he exactly? She left him messages but he didn't respond to any of them.

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    If a person did not show up, be it at dates, airports, and even weddings, well, you must accept the fact that they do not love you at all. You're just thinking that they really love you but it turns out that it is one-sided love. There's nothing else you can do but to just move on and learn from it that sooner or later you will never be fooled with sweet words.


    • BabySaltWicked
      BabySaltWicked commented
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      He has sudden change of plans when he matched with someone hotter than her best friend. I feel bad for her because she truly loved him, with all that effort of showing up to the airport. Too bad she was immediately dumped the time when another girl picked him up at the airport.

    • newkidda
      newkidda commented
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      The worst would be the wedding. What if your boyfriend does not appear on your wedding day? You would be put into shame as all guests would be at the wedding place then the wedding would not be pushed through anymore.

    • koshercassanova
      koshercassanova commented
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      newkidda But weddings these days do not have those kinds of dramas anymore. People know better and it's really embarrassing if someone ever does that, right?

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    I honestly feel bad about your friend. She truly loves him but what did he do? It sure sounds like he met up with another girl and he didn't feel terrible by his actions at all? What a monster!


    • Nica55
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      Obviously, he met up with someone else. Someone who he truly wanted and loved. She just wasted all her efforts and time with that man.

    • MoneyerHoney
      MoneyerHoney commented
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      Truly loved him or truly liked him? Those are two different concepts. Anyway, yeah, the woman could have felt so bad when she left the airport.

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    That is what you get when you assume things. We must always keep on our mind that we should know the real deal. On her part, she wanted to see that man. On that man, he had other plans which did not include your friend.


    • percymercy
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      Poor girl. She expected for something good only to be hurt with that happened. But then it was her fault for assuming something else.

    • issues98
      issues98 commented
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      Sometimes it's hard to trust someone these days, it's better to get to know each other better and what motives do they really have for you.

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    Did the man invite your friend to see him at the airport? If not, then she just made the decision on her own thinking that she was the right woman to see that man. Unfortunately, that was not the case.


    • fanghang
      fanghang commented
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      He did give her the info for his flight and he showed a plane ticket to her. Maybe he saw one of his exes or he had a last-minute hook up with someone and chose to go along with her, leaving her friend behind.

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    Lesson to be learned is to never assume that you are the one unless agreed by both parties. It could not be a one way affair as you would always be at the losing side.


    • anxiousme
      anxiousme commented
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      She thinks that everything is okay between them since they've agree to become a little more serious about their relationship. They're both at fault here and I guess they should learn from it.

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    He did not fail to show up to the other woman. That is, of course, my good guess. He went to the woman whom he had chosen to be with. It is very unfortunate that your friend assumed that she had a big role to that man. He did not even reply after she contacted her.


    • TastySanta
      TastySanta commented
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      Yes, he chose to be with another woman. I bet that she's more sexy that the other, he was caught up in her charm and chose to meetup with her instead. That's really an unfortunate turn of events.

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    I do think that he just led you on. He probably has a girlfriend already and you are just his second lover. I advice you to forget about him already.


    • Caila99
      Caila99 commented
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      True. A man who can't stand up for his words is a man who is unworthy of any love and attention. It is best if you move on and find another one.

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    Maybe you should wait a little longer for his messages. I think he has jet lag and tired from the travel that's why he's not responding to you. Keep on sending him messages and maybe when he's fine and settled down, he'll reply to you.


    • boringyou
      boringyou commented
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      Hopeful much? A single message saying that he arrived and he'll talk to her when he's rested will suffice. But he didn't do it. So I guess the guy is just playing with the girl's feelings and attention.

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    He's probably out there looking for a woman to bang and when he's done, he'll contact you. But when he does that, make sure to reject him because you do not deserve to be left hanging just like what he did to you in the airport.