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Freshman Adventures: Brie's Orgasm and Everything that Followed Pt. 2

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  • Freshman Adventures: Brie's Orgasm and Everything that Followed Pt. 2

    The next morning, I walked back to my dorm and thought of what an appropriate title might be for my memoirs. “How to Fuck” would be a good one, I felt. If this video making thing all went to shit sometime soon, then I could surely dash out a few hundred pages for this memoir and get a book deal and sooner or later be fucking Courtney Love in a bathroom stall at a Hollywood party. My thoughts on this were interrupted when I arrived at my room and found a note on the door:
    I read it several times. I had no clue what it meant. I’m not usually surprised by anything; a youth like mine leaves no surprises.
    But this I was not expecting. Nonetheless, after the third read, I knew I’d better do as it said.

    Three hours and two classes later, there I was, at the back of Storm Hall. I didn’t see anybody. I don’t usually smoke, but whoever they were, they were running late. I felt shivery, somehow and the smell of nicotine both helped and made me colder. Was I nervous? I don’t usually get this way. Only in my dreams. I try (and succeed) to not give a shit about the slightest thing on the outside, and as a catch 22 I have nightmares. This felt like one of my dreams.
    Two dudes came up to me from the path behind the dumpster. They were carrying textbooks and wearing preppy sweaters. It was clear that they were testing me with those clothes. I knew they didn’t actually dress like that. I assumed I was passing their test. I felt like I’d seen them both before. One of the guys—the dark haired one—nodded at me, and kept ignoring me. For another few seconds.
    “Dennis,” said the light haired dude.
    “What’s up,” I dropped my cigarette and stepped on it.
    “Trey,” he said. I shook his hand.
    “Brent,” said the dark haired guy. He didn’t look like he was about to pull out a knife and stab me and I didn’t see anything bulging out of their pockets. I shook Brent’s hand.
    There was a pause.
    “Let’s cut to the chase,” said Brent. “We’ve heard stories about you.”
    “The whole campus has heard stories about you,” said Trey.
    “Like what kinds of stories?” I said it in a flat tone.
    They saw right through me. Trey laughed. Brent snickered.
    “That’s a good one, Dennis,” Trey said. “But we didn’t come here to test your bullshit skills.”
    “No idea what you’re talking about,” I said in my flattest voice.
    “Now let’s get real. Some people think you’re disgusting, a weirdo, a horrible person,” Brent said. “But we think you’re just one of us.”
    “We want to induct you in to Alpha Alpha Sig Fi,” Trey said.
    “The what?” I said it loudly.
    “We’re a secret frat,” said Brent.

    They brought me back to an apartment some ways off campus and showed me proof.
    We watched one of my more recent videos in Brent’s crampy living room. It was the girl whose name I didn’t remember. We were silent for the whole thing. Trey sipped a coffee. Brent sipped a Budweiser. I sipped nothing.
    When the video finished, Trey turned to Brent and I with his eyebrows raised.
    “I mean, not bad for a complete buffoon who can’t operate a camera,” he said.
    “I dunno,” Brent burped. “It was so-so. Cock ring slipped off a little towards the end there.”
    “True,” Trey nodded. “You should really cut out that shaky, jittery shit when you finally take the phone away from her face. We can’t see what’s happening, but we know nothing’s happening…”
    I got to my feet.
    “Okay. You assholes,” I said, looking at them both. “First of all, I did edit out that part. Also color corrected it. The finished product—“
    “Finished product!” Brent cried and laughed. His laugh was more of a shriek. Trey snickered with him.
    “—Is available on multiple sites already. And secondly…”
    I didn’t want to sound the way I was about to sound. I’m the one who confounds. People don’t confound me.
    And yet, here were these two smirking bros in a dim living room who had done just that. I took a breath.
    “…how the fuck did you get your hands on this? How did you even…”
    They were highly amused. I wanted to punch both their faces off.
    “We have our methods, Dennis,” said Trey. “You’ll come to know them someday. Someday, after you’ve been inducted in to Alpha Alpha Sig Fi and have been a seasoned member for, say, a year.”
    “Now, granted, we think it’s fucked up that you’re a freshman,” said Brent, holding his hand in the air. “I’ve never met a freshman who fucks so many bitches.”
    “Especially not these days, at this college…” Trey continued. It was almost like they were one mind. “Most freshman come in here and act like they’re babies who lost their pacifiers. They all become SJWs out of total fear of their own instincts and potential.”
    “They cry. Over everything,” said Brent.
    “You’re not like that,” said Trey.
    I was not.
    “If you join us,” Trey continued. “You can take this cell phone warrior hobby of yours to a new level. We will get you video equipment. We will get you sound gear. You will make better quality, and therefore hotter, videos, and sell them through our platform, along with the not-dissimilar work that the rest of us do.”
    “No,” I said, waving my hand. “Absolutely not. I’m making enough on my own, thank you. I don’t need you dickwads poking your hands into my pockets, especially since you will have probably just jerked off. See you later,”
    I turned to go. Trey and Brent burst into laughter behind me.
    “You see?” said Trey. “He’s got a sense of humor, too! I told you so, Brent.”
    I stopped. Something compelled me to. I faced the door.
    “You won’t have to worry about money, Dennis,” Brent said. “Quite the opposite. The websites you sell through are ripping you off, anyway. We have a profit sharing system that allow each individual member to profit at least three times as much as what you’re making right now, and with quicker delivery, too.”
    “Also, you know, no more asking for payment in cash like a perpetually stoned drug dealer,” said Trey. “Bitcoin is how we roll.”
    I turned around. I faced Trey and Brent again. They knew I would.
    “But then again, the door is right there,” said Brent, gesturing. “Right the fuck there. It’s up to you.”
    I swallowed. I took in the silence. I nodded.
    “Is this dilapidated bathhouse where everybody lives?” I said.
    Trey and Brent chuckled again.
    “No dude, relax, this isn’t our house. And also, nobody lives in the house that is our house. Remember, we’re a secret frat.”
    “Show me,” I said.
    Alpha Alpha Sig Fi was a house located in a shitty neighborhood some ways from campus. It was a big clapboard house with a small yard. It was shaded by several giant trees; the trees were conspiring to keep this house out of sight. It looked like it needed some work on the outside—paint peeling, rusted railing, all kinds of southern gothic clichés—but on the inside it was just…
    “…immaculate,” I heard myself say to Trey when he let me inside. “What the fuck is this? I thought you guys sat around jazzing on the rug all day…”
    Trey tried not to laugh.
    “That’s your first warning, kid…” he said.
    The furniture was modern. The tables were dusted. The rug looked new. The windows were windexed. There was a record player. A fucking record player. With vinyl albums stacked next to it.

    I met most of the guys during that first visit. Most of them dropped by the house at some point to drop off their latest ‘Proof,’ as Trey called it. One guy came in the door playing an audio recording on his cell phone; some scratchy thing of a mattress creaking, a woman making happy sounds (some of them fake, I could tell), and a hand smacking her ass now and then. This guy was tall and jacked and grinning. Trey grabbed the cell phone and stopped the recording.
    “Max. There’s a child present…” he said and shook his head. He left for the room where he uploaded everything to a server.
    Max punched Trey on the shoulder as he left. He turned to me.
    “You’re the couch fucker freshie?” he asked.
    “Never fucked a couch, no,” I said. “Have I fucked a girl on a couch? Perhaps that has occurred once or ten times.”
    “You know exactly what I’m talking about wiseguy,” said Max. He shook my hand. Didn’t wait for me to shake his, just grabbed my hand and shook it.
    “Welcome,” he said.
    Then he went to pour himself some coffee.
    The other guys came and went. Ron, a dude who dressed in a suit and looked like lived in it, too, didn’t acknowledge me at first. Just handed over his black and white photos of several naked chicks. Then he sat down in the living room and asked, without looking at me, if I wanted to do some coke. I obliged. Just a couple lines for me; I didn’t want to go hard like I’d done with blow during my suspension. It keyed me up enough that I didn’t even realize when he left; I was too busy laughing at the awkwardness of his photos on Trey’s computer screen.
    “Yeah, Ron’s photos suck,” Trey muttered. He had already been sitting at the computer for four hours by this time.
    “Well then, you’re beyond saving,” he said, shaking his head.
    “I know,” I said and smiled.

    End of Pt. 2

  • #2
    Alpha Alpha Sig Fi

    That is a weird frat name. Just completely weird for me.


    • Nica55
      Nica55 commented
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      And there are no Sig and Fi on the Greek alphabet.

    • newkidda
      newkidda commented
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      Yep. Kinda weird. But of course, it was just fictional as you could not use a real frat name.

  • #3
    What good things would a frat deliver to someone? When you join a frat, there could be some nasty initiations. I think that it is a bad thing.


    • Teamnessa
      Teamnessa commented
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      Brotherhood is one. It would be nice to have those brothers to support you with almost anything. But I guess that after school, everyone would have his own life and the brotherhood would be ended.

    • chipsitaly
      chipsitaly commented
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      Fraternities are initially for brotherhood, it is a unity of young men and they'd do such activities together that signifies everything that means to be in it.

  • #4
    I guess that Dennis should accept the new job offer. He could have more money from it.


    • VanessaMEA
      VanessaMEA commented
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      How much would you earn when a video is sold to a site? I am curious because if the pay is high, then I might start producing videos. Lol.

    • blizzss
      blizzss commented
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      But are you sure that the fraternity is legitimate? He seems a bit off about it that's why he did not accept the offer right away. Dennis is kind of a laid-back guy and doesn't care that much at all about everything.

  • #5
    Do cock rings really beneficial? For me, it does not do anything good for the wearers.


    • lie11
      lie11 commented
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      I've never encountered a guy that used cock rings as well. I always thought, what are those cock rings for? It looks weird like a missing part of the condom is not there lol.

    • snoogywookie
      snoogywookie commented
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      Some guys wear cock rings to get a hard dick for a long period of time. I may be beneficial to some and it's okay.

  • #6
    Why would the whole campus know about his stories? Is Dennis that popular that people needed to know the happenings of his life?


    • pms60
      pms60 commented
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      I was confused too, I mean, did they saw what Dennis had done to the woman? Trey and Brent saw his video using a cock ring while fucking this woman right? So, Dennis posted his porno online, stuff like that?

    • monsterjunk
      monsterjunk commented
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      I think he's one of those hot popular guys you can tell because he has multiple hookups. So yeah, he's popular.

  • #7
    So that Alpha Alpha Sig Fi was a secret frat. I bet it was not a registered organization in the school. Would it be safe to join such an unregistered entity? Wait, even the goals and practices of the fraternity were weird. Lol. But, if I were a man, I could probably join that frat, too.


    • dreamsbaby2
      dreamsbaby2 commented
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      Better not join in just yet, they're not registered as you said so why join in? It would be better to just observe how things go in their fraternity house and think if it's necessary to join into those fraternities.

    • wittyou
      wittyou commented
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      dreamsbaby2 But you could not go inside the frat house if you are not a member, right? Therefore, you won't be able to observe their activities.

  • #8
    So this frat thing is sorta weird, all they ever want is sex, is that it? But at least illegal possessions of drugs weren't mentioned in it or things might have ended worst.


    • BabySaltWicked
      BabySaltWicked commented
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      The fraternity seems to enjoy a lot of sex and I'm not sure if they do drugs but it seems that everything might turn out fine for those men and their Alpha Alpha Sig Fi fraternity.

  • #9
    so, these guys wanted Dennis to join in the Alpha Alpha Sig Fi, huh. What are the initiations that could possibly take place for Dennis before he can actually join them? Was it him making a porno already? And he's expected to post that porno on different kinds of porn sites.


    • heartlistener
      heartlistener commented
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      Nah, he seems to be making pornos as his past time. That's his way of collecting evidence that he's a really good fucker. I bet those girls were lucky enough to be fucked by him.

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    “The whole campus has heard stories about you,” said Trey.

    What? The whole campus? How was that even possible? How small was that campus? Lol.


    • Readeronic
      Readeronic commented
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      That made me question this whole thing too. Are most people on their campus that nosy? Oh, those people don't have their own lives to deal with first.