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Freshman Adventures: Brie's Orgasm and Everything that Followed Pt. 4

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  • Freshman Adventures: Brie's Orgasm and Everything that Followed Pt. 4

    Everybody began chanting it. Brent and his sister-leader held back for a few moments, letting the spectators have their spectacle, before deciding to intervene again before these two females killed each other. Brent grabbed Melissa and Brie was grabbed by her sorority leader. They continued to shout at one another. Brie was clearly a much better fighter. Melissa looked roughed up, and it took one more set of hands to hold Brie back.
    I went back to the bedroom where Melissa and I had been. I put on my boxers and pants. I picked my wallet up and put it in my pocket. I left the room and as I did, I met eyes with Brie, now being sat down on the couch, being lectured/soothed by a few of her soon-to-be-not-sisters. Her look was so hateful I couldn’t bear it.
    I went out the front door and nobody tried stopping me. I passed John, who made elaborate naked drawings of each girl he banged. He was smoking a cigarette and looked like he’d been here for a while and just didn’t care.
    “You aren’t coming back, are you, Dennis?” he said.
    I looked at him.
    “No,” I said. I ran off down the black, black road.

    The campus police had me in a room in Stetson Hall. Jim, Stevie and Nate had left; they’d apologized for spraying the parking lot and agreed to pay a fine out of tuition. I’d also agreed, but the cops kept me around.
    “Dennis,” said the cop with the large eyebrows. “There’s a very good reason why you’re here.”
    He removed a picture of the Alpha Alpha Sig Fi house, taken during the day. He laid it in front of me.
    “Do you recognize that house?”
    “No, sir.”
    “You had best tell us the truth. It is in your interest. Lying to the police is a serious crime.”
    “I’ve never seen it before in my life,” I said.
    “There have been complaints about disruptions coming from this house recently. The nearest neighbors are a quarter mile away, so these are pretty loud disruptions.”
    “The neighbors speculate that there’s some kind of brothel being run out of this place,” said the blonde cop. “Lots of sex stuff seems to happen.”
    We were silent.
    “I’m sorry officers, I don’t think I can help you with this,” I said.
    They asked a few more questions. Before I left, one of the cops handed me pamphlets about sex addiction and who I could talk to on campus. I crumpled it outside and threw it in a trashcan.

    The last time I saw Brie, I was walking down a hall in an empty building, having gotten out of a late, re-scheduled class. I was hungover from drinking all day and the day before that. I hadn’t gotten any in over a month. I didn’t want any.
    She was alone and carrying two textbooks. She was in a rush. When she saw me, she stopped in her tracks and stared, wide eyed, like I was about to shoot her. I stopped and stared. She shook her head and went off, walking faster.
    I stood in a bathroom stall, jerking off and thinking of her wide eyes. Those eyes that stared at me were the same eyes she had one particular time when she actually squirted. She sat on top of me. I brought her up and down on my cock. It was very slow, almost slow motion. I felt the condom I wore slide up and down with the motions of her pussy. She breathed deeply as though she were meditating and graduated to raspy pants after a few minutes of doing this. Her thighs squeezed against me Her knees ground against the lower part of my ribcage. She said, “Fuck.” She panted more and louder. I came and I felt a warm, wet sensation against my pubes and my lower belly.
    I shot off in to the toilet paper in the bathroom. I flushed it down. I walked out of the stall and stood by a sink looking in the mirror for no reason I could quite fathom.


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    QUESTION: Do you think Dennis should have held on to that pamphlet?


    • perfectionist
      perfectionist commented
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      If you were an addict, you won't submit yourself voluntarily. You won't even know that you are already suffering from an addiction.

    • Trystingbish
      Trystingbish commented
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      Sure. He needed it. I could say that he had a sex addiction. Even then, I do not think that we would go on and avail of that rehabilitation.

    • wigeon
      wigeon commented
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      I did not know that they also distribute pamphlets for sex addictions. Are there many people who suffer from that condition?

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    The nearest neighbors are a quarter mile away, so these are pretty loud disruptions.

    So, what were those disruptions? It is too far that the neighbors would still hear whatever they would do inside the house. Even if you moan loudly, and the others shout while you fuck someone, those nearest neighbors won't be able to hear those sounds anymore.


    • ingotjubilant
      ingotjubilant commented
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      Lol. The neighbors must have super hearing abilities! I won't be able to hear anything from a quarter a mile away from me. Definitely, they won't be shouting while having sex. Besides, there are many trees to cushion any sounds coming from the frat house.

    • pms60
      pms60 commented
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      Well, if you two want to fuck loudly, fuck the neighbors. They're just jealous that you're having a good fuck with someone and just having fun. Why would they be a freakin' party pooper?

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    Running on a black, black road must have been scary not because there might be ghosts, but because I would not be able to see the path that I was threading on.


    • morningglory
      morningglory commented
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      Lol. It would be hard to walk on a dark road where there is no dim light around. How could you even see the road? I mean, you could not move when it is pitch dark, right? But wait, okay, if there is a moon, a full moon for that matter, then there would be some form of a light.

    • hamster11
      hamster11 commented
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      He had his phone's flashlight on lol, whatever it is he sure made his way out and I'm sure the black, black road was just a bit exaggerated to make the story really interesting.

    • janeDaLioness
      janeDaLioness commented
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      hamster11 You only imagined it that he had his phone with him. There was no explicit statement saying so. It is for dramatic purpose that it was really dark. If he had used his phone, then the story would have become a regular non-interesting one.

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    So, due to Dennis' horniness, he lost two girls. Or maybe, I could say that he lost Brie who assumed to be his girlfriend even though she was only a fuck buddy. Sometimes, when we try to hit two birds with just one stone, oftener than not, the two birds would get off from it.


    • chipsitaly
      chipsitaly commented
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      Damn, wasn't expecting that part too and I feel bad that now he just lost two of them already. He should've at least stayed with Brie, just a thought.

    • Readeronic
      Readeronic commented
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      Brie deserves better, glad she got over Dennis and that Dennis dude got what he deserves anyway. No one wants to be with a guy that causes much trouble. Why look for trouble if we just want to hook up for fun?

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    Okay, so the story at first was okay, it was about fucking, Brie, her love for art and fucking, then whoa! This happened!? The ending went pretty sad, I thought this was about regretting to love our fuckbuddies, lol, somewhat like that.


    • dreamsbaby2
      dreamsbaby2 commented
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      Well, you shouldn't fall for a person that you know is only a fuckbuddy to you. There should be no strings attached to each other, but I think this Dennis guy also had feelings for Brie but for Melissa? She's just another bitch for him to fuck and nothing more.

    • monsterjunk
      monsterjunk commented
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      The story is quite sad but I'm glad Brie got away with Dennis because he is no good for her anyway. She could find another guy that would take her seriously.

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    So I guess that the Alpha Alpha Sig Fi is not a legitimate fraternity since the neighbors have been thinking that they're just kids running a brothel in that house, huh? Well, I guess that the police might even shut that whole place down.


    • BabySaltWicked
      BabySaltWicked commented
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      I don't think that the police will shut the fraternity house down but they might go there for some inspection to see if there's any proof that they\ve turned the house into a brothel, and possibly that those men are up to drug possession or anything else. But all in all, it will all be fine in the end for the Alpha Alpha Sig Fi.

    • heartlistener
      heartlistener commented
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      Yeah, that frat house was probably just an abandoned house and they started to vacate it as if it were theirs already.

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    I hope you could make more of these tom8854 it was a really good story. I'm like, is that it? I thought that this would be long but then again it was great! Do you consider publishing a book for this story of yours?


    • blizzss
      blizzss commented
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      Do you think that the story is not that long? Whoa, it's a long story but it was great, it has a few plot twists in it and it would make a great novel for sure.

    • tom8854
      tom8854 commented
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      I will soon be posting more stories of adventures he has pre and post-Brie. They are all confined to his freshman year and the summer before and possibly after. And thank you, perhaps my goal is to write the great American erotica novel.

    • clssc
      clssc commented
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      A novel would be nice, but then having a publisher is a different story.