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Freshman Adventures: Smash, Smash pt. 3

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  • Freshman Adventures: Smash, Smash pt. 3

    The soundtrack blasted. Another wide circling shot of Keanu in a city, this time running in to a tall glass building.
    In between the booming drumbeats I heard her, real loud now, and saw her gyrating her body up and down against his face, her head cocking back further, her mouth wide open.
    Closer to her than you’ll ever be.
    Keanu said, to the man who was about to introduce him to his most talented henchmen, “No.”
    She cried out,
    Her right hand gripped the top of the adjacent chair, her arm flexed. The flickers illuminated her arm muscles; she looked stronger than I’d thought; maybe it was inner strength brought out by feeling really fucking good?
    Oh Peter don’t splooge right here in a movie theater, you haven’t done that since you were arrested that one time years back, don’t revert, please no…
    Now Keanu, karate fighting with one henchman on a glass platform, surrounded by glass displays, tossed the henchman into glass and it went smash!
    The girl: “Oh de…Oh den…oh devin…”
    Devin? Was that his name? It was hard to say because of the glass smashing.
    “Oh Dennis…oh fuck…”
    Karate chop—body hits glass—smash!
    Big college girl mooooaaaannn
    Grunt grunt--- smash!
    When I looked back, she was slumped in her chair. Like way slumped. Her thighs were closed.
    A wet sounding grunt. This coming from the guy.
    The flickers barely illuminated him wriggling out from between her legs. I heard him spit, twice. Just on to the floor.
    Oh jesus somebody will have to clean vaginal excess mixed with saliva from that floor…
    He looked over.
    He saw me.
    From the screen: grunt, kick, throw—smash!
    Keanu certainly wasn’t finished yet.
    My pants felt sticky.
    And now this dude was standing up, caressing his girl’s face, leaning in to her and saying—and I could hear this,
    “Now shut your eyes, babe. Just shut your eyes, take a breather. You deserve it. I’ll be right back.”
    He walked into the aisle and just stared at me.
    The flickers illuminated him, first giving me a look like what the hell dude, followed by a grin. A shit-eating grin, to be precise.
    This guy, Dennis, Mr. Movie Theater Pussy Eater, beckoned to me with one hand.
    “Hey. Bro. Come here.”
    I jumped out of my seat, spilling the rest of my popcorn. I couldn’t stand for this. I had to get out, had to do something about this.
    He came closer. He gave the impression of someone who was as capable of starting and winning a fight as he was at cunnilingus.
    “Don’t be shy. Come over here.”
    I ran. I ran down the aisle, almost fell twice, to my right down the farthest aisle, and out the double doors to Keanu’s final throw of the henchman against the glass—

    In the hallway, I looked behind me. No sign of him. He hadn’t come out.
    I scanned around for an usher, somebody. I saw one near the other end of the hall, on his phone, with a broom.
    “Hey! Excuse me!” I ran right up to him.
    “There are these two people in the theater…John Wick.” I pointed. “They’re um…they’re being inappropriate. Really inappropriate.”
    “Like how so?” asked the usher.
    “They’re uh…you know, it’s a guy and girl and they’re…”
    I couldn’t bring myself to say ‘quite possibly fucking.’
    But that seemed to be enough for him. He ran down the hall and into the theater.

    I almost didn’t want to know what would happen. I was actually sort of afraid for the usher. But also still wanted to be in there myself.
    Were they indeed fucking? Was she giving him a blowjob? Had they decided to call it a day and just watch the movie? It seemed like she at least owed him something.
    I know, I’m not woke. But this wasn’t exactly a woke situation.
    Speaking of situations: before I could arrive at the doors to the theater, to sneak in through the second set of double doors and maybe just join this usher in watching these two kids fuck each other’s brains out (at least I hoped), I saw him stick his head out of the theater and say into his walkie;
    “John or Cecil, please come to theater 2, we have unruly customers in here and I need backup.”
    All I could do was stand there and wait.
    Soon, the manager came in to the theater. I heard shouting voices.
    I heard the movie stop. Saw the lights come on in the theater.
    A tall, muscular man with jangling jeys—this was what I heard—came running down the hallway. I assumed this was Cecil. He whipped past me into the theater.
    In another minute, the double doors burst open. Dennis was crabwalked out of the theater, his arms pinned behind him in a half-nelson by Cecil. His face was red and his breaths came out in wheezes. I couldn’t believe the rage on this guy. The usher walked out with his lady-friend, his hand on her shoulder. They were both clutching their faces. He because he apparently had a black eye. She because she was crying.
    “Get your hand off my shoulder,” she shouted at the usher, pushing him aside.
    She marched ahead of Dennis, sighing as she went to the exit. She glanced back at him once before shaking her head and walking out the doors.
    “You fuckers even know what I’m guilty of?” Dennis shouted. “This guy knows!” He jerked his head my way. I didn’t know he’d even seen me standing there lamely in the hallway.
    Cecil released him—more like tossed him—in the direction of the doors.
    Dennis crashed into the door and winced. He stood up and held a hand to his mouth, his fingers in the shape of a V. He stuck out his tongue and moved his head. He said,
    “In your theater! You assholes better get better about cleaning up these things!”
    Cecil had his cell phone out. He was dialing the police. Other people stood here and there, watching.
    Dennis laughed.
    “JK, there’s no mess,” he said. “I swallowed her cum. No mess except maybe this dude’s jizz,” he gestured at me again. He opened the door. He had one more parting shot.
    “Worth it,” he said, still catching his breath. “I’ll be back.”

    He left. Cecil spoke in a calm and clear voice to a policeman.
    I could feel some people looking at me. I stared at the floor.
    A minute later, looking up at the door, I saw Dennis and Natalie walking in the opposite direction together, his arm slung around her. A cop car with flashing lights trailed up beside them.

    The next day, when I returned with my comp ticket, a sign on the door displayed photographs of Dennis and his girlfriend—named Natalie—and noted that their ages (Dennis was 19, Natalie 21) and that they were banned from the theater and not allowed within a certain number of feet of the place. I went straight to the theater. I watched it again, this time without distractions. Not as good as the first one, better than the second.

    I was hard the whole time. I imagined Natalie sitting on my face and moaning over and over. I remembered the distinctness of how she sounded, the ways she moved, and I tried to picture her on the screen, superimposed over the carnage and the Keanu. I thought about the girls I could have been with but never had the confidence to get with. I thought about the woman I’d been on several dates with recently, who had ghosted me.

    At the end of the movie, Laurence Fishburn, looking down at John Wick, who was shot and fell from a tall building and should have been dead, said, as if just making conversation,
    “Are you mad, John?”
    And John Wick (Keanu) propping himself up on the ground, bruised and bloody, catching his breath, but still very alive and cognizant, said,

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    Did you watched the movie on a weekday? Can't believe the theater was virtually empty considering the movie was John Wick


    • JannahVC
      JannahVC commented
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      Perhaps maybe it has been weeks that John Week has been showing on the screen. In the end, it was mentioned that there are people there. So it was just a regular day even on weekends to have movie-goers there to be witnessing those two being kicked out of the theatre.

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    Ah! There goes Dennis again. He sure loves to be picked up the by police, eh? Lol. Having so many police records for various charges at a young age? Good luck with his adult life.


    • TeaStory
      TeaStory commented
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      But what about this girl, Nathalie? She already made herself a bad record too because of Dennis. Will she ever be mad at him or would just continue hooking up with him? What do you guys think?

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    I knew that Dennis would be injected in this story and yet again he has been more troublesome than ever. Which reminded me of my ex when he wanted us to make a scene in the theatres, I did not allow him to do so, but then again, I'm glad that we broke up years ago.


    • pms60
      pms60 commented
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      Did you break up with your ex? Or did he broke up because he knew that you're no thrill-seeker and did no tallow him to fuck you in those movie theatres? He's pathetic, I'm sure that it would be trouble if you two were caught doing it in a movie theatre, that's not nice.

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    So, Peter is now fantasizing about 21-year-old Nathalie. What could be next? Will there be a chance that this man would make his splooge on the theatre for the second time viewing John Wick but finally without Dennis ruining the moment for him? Lol!


    • Teamnessa
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      Well, Nathalie won't be giving this old man a chance to get laid with him since this guy was the reason why they got kicked out of the theatre, right?

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    Well, that was an unexpected ending, I thought the main character would join in on the fun and would end up getting the girl, but I guess nothing can be done It's the writers mind after all and I cannot argue that I was really hooked in reading the next chapters of the story if there are more chapters, well-done vocabulary wise and very nice choice on hang cliffs it really makes you question and read the next chapter.


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      I'm a bit disappointed in the ending, well maybe there is another chapter can you tell where to read this or can you please continue the story so, that the questions in my head can be answered and can sleep soundly, I'm really just a bit disappointed about this.


      • LessSalt
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        So, were you expecting a fight scene between Peter and Dennis? 'Coz I sure hope I did but too bad Cecil was too quick to kick those two out of the movie theatre.