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Dennis' Summer (Part 2)

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  • Dennis' Summer (Part 2)

    Later, Dennis and Cheryl make out on the bed, rolling around on the sheets. Cheryl’s shirt is off and Dennis is undoing her bra. She has a thought:

    "Were those your grandmother's pills?" she asks.


    "The stuff we snorted."

    "What? Nah. What kind of asshole do you think I am?"

    Cheryl looks at him. She smirks. Dennis kisses her on the forehead.

    "You getting tired?" He mumbles.

    Cheryl shrugs.

    "Not really."

    "Nor am I."
    Cheryl moves to kiss him again, but Dennis is kissing her throat. Then she’s on her back. Now he’s down to her collarbone. Wait, now her bra is off? Yes, that’s correct. He flicks his tongue around both her nipples and she shudders, makes a breathy noise that just escapes on its own.

    Dennis moves down to her bellybutton. His fingers massage her nipples. She feels them getting hard. With his other hand he’s unbuckling her pants.

    For a little while she watches him move his tongue, move his head. Then she shuts her eyes, because that makes it sexier for her. She feels pleasant surges jolt up from her crotch into her stomach as he licks her lower and probes deeper. The surges get deeper as she feels him concentrate on her clit and work his fingers around just above his tongue.

    Cheryl realizes, after a time, that she’s moaning. Steadily, escalatingly, sort of loudly. She stops herself for a moment, touches Dennis’ prickly head, keeps moaning.

    For our part—if we keep our distance, that is, give them some space—we see a young woman on her back on a ratty twin bed, in a room with heavy metal posters on the wall. A single lamp illuminates Dennis, shirtless, his head locked between her thighs, bobbing up and down and twisting back and forth. We see Cheryl’s head cocked back on the pillow and hear her going,

    uh uh uh uh ah aH aH AH AHAHAHAHAH…OH!

    And see her thighs flop together and apart against this kid’s head. And we feel like dirty old men for how sexy this is, watching this barely legal woman get all riled up.

    Or dirty old women for admiring Dennis a little, despite ourselves.


    On the bed, this time in the dark, Dennis lies on top of Cheryl moving in and out steadily. She breathes. Long breaths. Her hand is visible brushing across his back. The bed starts to creak as Dennis picks up the pace.

    Cheryl’s moans get steady, almost performative. She hugs him harder, holds on to his sides as he grinds his pelvis back and forth.

    “Yeah…yeah….yeah….” Cheryl whispers.

    He stops. Sounds of kissing. He pulls out of her. We can't believe it, but this kid removes the condom that's on his cock and tosses it in to the dark floor. He grips Cheryl's thighs. He massages his hands up and down her calves.

    Cheryl's breaths pick up speed. She yelps in what could be fear or could be enthusiasm or a sort of naïve mixture of the two. Dennis takes his cock in one hand and guides it back into her. Cheryl makes a sound like;


    Dennis whispers,

    "Do you like it rough?"

    "I...yeah I like..."

    "I'm gonna fuck you harder..."

    Dennis proceeds to do pretty much what he said he would do. Cheryl gets in one last sentence,

    " careful..." Her words dissolve into other sounds. Sounds made by the mattress mingled with sounds made by her vocal chords.

    Over the few minutes, the sex gets pretty rough. Like, woah now, dude. Dennis has been holding the headrest, staring into Cheryl’s eyes, all hunched over, pummeling in and out of her like a cannon rod. Now the mattress is straight up seesawing, Cheryl is hyperventilating and her legs are sprouting in the air, bobbing up and down, Dennis gripping on her feet with his hand, smacking her thigh with his other...

    "Uh uh uh uh Dennis uh uh uh fuck..."

    Wet smacking sounds. Dennis seethes.

    "Ah ah ah ah AH AH AH AH I'm cumming AH AH A-"

    Dennis' hand plugged over her mouth. He clenches his teeth. Cut to Cheryl’s face, Dennis’ point of view. His hand on her mouth. Her eyes go bug-wide, he removes his hand and she crescendos through her teeth, jerking her head back into the pillow’s creases. And Dennis’ face, a shit eating grin. He chuckles as he milks her reaction.

    Getting real close now, between her strained, upright thighs; this girl’s pussy contracts around Dennis’ pumping cock. When her folds retract, specks of fluid pop out from between her vulva and Dennis' vulva-thwapping nuts. They find their resting place in the creases of the mattress cover.


    Look at Dennis' cock. I know, I know; you might be a heterosexual male. You might also be a heterosexual woman who thinks this is just getting too crude, too virile. But look at it for a moment; as he walks across the hallway to the bathroom, cock swinging lightly, erection not subsided all the way, we can see that it's slick. White, slick and shiny. As he walks it catches the light. It's almost a work of art, except that it's actually disgusting.

    Dennis turns into the bathroom. His cock hanging above the toilet, he removes a handful of toilet paper and applies it.


    Tomcatsky2000: So yeah Cheryl Peters lol

    Cauldron2020: What about her?

    Tomcatsky2000: Shes a squirter

    Cauldron2020: You banged her???

    Tomcatsky2000: Yeah I got with Pencils

    Cauldron2020: Haha why did we start calling her that again?

    Tomcatsky2000: No idea. Point is I beat you to it.

    Cauldron2020: Ya wutever dude no reason to rub it in

    Tomsky2000: She was always more into me anyway.

    Tomsky2000: She really took a dick lol

    Cauldron2020: did you nut inside her?

    Tomsky2000: what do you think

    Cauldron2020: Lol. Dude you didn't fuck that junkie chick last weekend did you?

    Tomksy2000: She has a name you misogynist pig. Adria. And maybe I did maybe I didn't.

    Cauldron2020: Oh jesus you did fuck her

    Tomsky2000: (Inserts smiley face)

    Tomsky2000: Probs will when we see her tomorrow too

    Cauldron2020: You sure she'll be around?

    Tomsky2000: Anywhere there's drugs there's her

    Cauldron2020: How old is she anyway?

    Tomsky2000: I think like 28. Has a kid she said. Explains the giant dick-ready labia.

    Cauldron2020: Is she pink or purple?

    Tomsky2000: Lol another pink

    Cauldron2020: Why do I get all the purples...

    Tomsky2000: Who cares I get more pussy than you in general

    Cauldron2020: You gotta slow down dude. At least wear a condom this time.

    Tomsky2000: Were I sensible human being perhaps I would but nah, don't think so.

    Cauldron2020: You bringing those pills? Same as last time?

    Tomsky2000: Yup.

    Cauldron2020: And you hope to sell a few?

    Tomsky2000: Id better. Or else I wont be able to pay 4 my grandmas surgery.

    Cauldron2020: bro arent they her pills you sell?!??!!

    (End of Part 2)