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Bringing Out The (Sex) Toys

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  • Bringing Out The (Sex) Toys

    Has any of you been with a person who suddenly brought out their toys so that the two of you can use them.

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    I own some sex toys but haven't brought them out when I'm with a guy. But there was a time when I forgot to keep my dildo and the guy that I was seeing at the time saw it. So I reassured him that all I want is his dick tonight.


    • koshercassanova
      koshercassanova commented
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      There's no reason to really bring a sex toy when your meeting someone but if he's open for it then you could bring it out.

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    I've never been with a guy who pulled out his fleshlight in the middle of sex. But there was this guy who asked me if I wanted to try his sex swing.


    • stickyyhen
      stickyyhen commented
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      What was it like having sex in the swing? Did you try it and accepted his offer if you want to have sex in it?

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    I used to have handcuff or silk scarves for some light bondage and there have been a few guys who ended up using them.


    • brooksbrioche
      brooksbrioche commented
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      How about you? Did they try to cuff you as well with those silk scarves?

    • hamster11
      hamster11 commented
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      Who often ends up being cuffed? Is it you or the guy?

    • imagination
      imagination commented
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      brooksbrioche hamster11 They also did try it on me but usually its the guy that I'm willing to do it with.

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    I've dated a guy who "collects" bdsm related stuff. Used the double quotes on the word collects since they look like they've been used. He has gag balls, gimp masks, riding crops, etc...


    • dreamnow
      dreamnow commented
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      Were you not worried that he might be seeing a dominatrix behind your back?

    • goodmanners
      goodmanners commented
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      What made you think that he uses them? Were there bite marks on the gag balls and the mask looks like it has been used?

    • nyctophilia
      nyctophilia commented
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      Does he always bring an item with him whenever you do it or is it always in his place?

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    He brought his handcuff along with him because he is a cop and handcuffed me as part of our role play.


    • anxiousme
      anxiousme commented
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      Are you going to get mad at him if he accidentally lose the keys for his handcuffs?

    • MoneyerHoney
      MoneyerHoney commented
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      anxiousme lmfao! I would be mad and make sure he got me off with those cuffs before leaving if I'm her.

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    I dated a guy who actually owned a sex swing. We dry humped once to find out if I would be comfortable doing it in that position. A few minutes later, I was naked on that swing lol.


    • karsha78
      karsha78 commented
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      I guess you really enjoyed doing it while he was dry humping you that's why you got naked, right?

    • clssc
      clssc commented
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      If you were naked on the swing perhaps you did it if I'm not wrong.

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    I'm usually the one who's ended up bringing a toy and I always have one in my bag but if he has a huge dick then I would not bring it out lol.


    • potatome
      potatome commented
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      When do you use your sex toy? Is it during sex or right after he finishes.

    • AngstAngels
      AngstAngels commented
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      If its your first time meeting the guy for sex, how willl you know that he got a big dick?