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  • Student-Teacher Fun

    I think that most of know that this is one of the most common fantasies that people talk about. So I'm wondering if any of you have fulfilled that fantasy.

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    I have a few friends who have slept with their professors in college. As for me, I haven't done it and have no plans of ever doing it.


    • heartheart
      heartheart commented
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      Well I only admire my hot prof. But I don't sleep with him. It's kinda weird for me. hahahha

    • issues98
      issues98 commented
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      what if you failed to his class and he offer you a sex for you to passed? What will you do? He might have a crush on you.

    • lie11
      lie11 commented
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      Do your friends have good grades from that professor?

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    There were a few professors that I would love to hookup with but I never made a pass at them.


    • Amazeelan
      Amazeelan commented
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      They are usually the ones who show motive if they like one of their students.

    • PearBear
      PearBear commented
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      What was your reason why you didn't try and make a move on them?

    • AlivePerfect
      AlivePerfect commented
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      PearBear He might blackmail me.

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    I really have a hot teacher way back but it's just my fantasy. I always imagine her with those sexy outfits and can't concentrate in class for looking at her curves and her ass is out of this world.


    • fanghang
      fanghang commented
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      You remind me of one of my classmates who urges to touch himself while looking at our teacher.

    • Teamnessa
      Teamnessa commented
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      Do you often end up having an erection while you're attending her class?

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    I've flirted with a few of them only to be rejected by telling me that they're gay or married.


    • TassetTasty
      TassetTasty commented
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      And were they really married and gay or they just used that excuse?

    • wigeon
      wigeon commented
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      Oh! They totally rejected you with a lame excuse lol. Maybe they don't want to do it that's why they told you that their gay/married.

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    I am not really into it and I want to only associate myself with my classmates back then but I do have a friend who did it secretly so she can get passing grades.


    • BabyPie
      BabyPie commented
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      And did she end up passing those subjects or not?

    • Gotchya
      Gotchya commented
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      Why were you not interested being friends with some of your classmates? Do you feel that the two of you will not get along well if you ever ended up being friends?

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    I only fantasized about someone dressing up as a teacher or professor because all my past teachers are old.


    • LessSalt
      LessSalt commented
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      But have you done that roleplay with a boyfriend before or you're planning to?

    • AirBobo
      AirBobo commented
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      You just might be the type who's not fond of old partners that's why you were not interested in them.

    • strongwilled
      strongwilled commented
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      Yeah like for me I always fantasize and love science but all my professors are old and bald lol.

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    What about your classmates who teach and help you with your studies and suddenly both of you make out together? That does count as fulfilling my fantasy of a student-teacher fun?


    • AngstAngels
      AngstAngels commented
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      Not sure about it, unless you hooked up with the person and did a student-teacher role play.

    • monsterjunk
      monsterjunk commented
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      I remember when I was lectured before by my classmate and thinking of doing it but he is such a nerd and he does not want it even if my boobs are close to his shoulder.

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    The furthest that it went was only making out with him a year after I graduated. We crossed paths at a party and by the end of the night we made out inside his car.


    • LoveHoney
      LoveHoney commented
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      Did you try to invite him over to your place or you were just content with that make out session.

    • FantasticLil
      FantasticLil commented
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      You should have hooked up with him already considering that the two of you were making out.

    • loss77
      loss77 commented
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      You guys make out inside his car? Are you comfortable with it? I mean there's a lot of hotels or lodges you know.

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    I made fun with my teacher once and told him if he can teach me anatomy and I'll learn it best if he actually shows me the actual thing and not just props. He just laughs but he's married so I had no chance.


    • FieryCloudz25
      FieryCloudz25 commented
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      I will actually love anatomy class if you can see actual dicks lol.

    • sunnyscenster
      sunnyscenster commented
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      FieryCloudz25 You are so naughty, they actually have a scene in porn where they show them their anatomy and it's kinky as hell.

    • brooksbrioche
      brooksbrioche commented
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      Did you tell him that in front of the class or it was an after class conversation?

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    I don't plan to ever do it because I am focused on a hunky athletic man back on my college days. I also think our principal is hot but my teachers are just average.


    • dreamsbaby2
      dreamsbaby2 commented
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      Are you a cheerleader? You look like those blonde chicks who cheer a team back in college days.

    • KatVonMe
      KatVonMe commented
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      I bet you had a lot of experience at sex when it comes to hunks.

    • funfun88
      funfun88 commented
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      dreamsbaby2 I think you are interested in a cute cheerleader that's why you ask.

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    Never flirted with any of my professors before, but there were some professors who flirted with my friends.


    • Masterbabe
      Masterbabe commented
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      Were you relieved that they didn't flirt with you or you were somewhat disappointed that they didn't flirted with you?

    • dandeliontoes
      dandeliontoes commented
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      Have you never been interested with older guys that's why you never flirted with your professors?

    • lipspotatochips
      lipspotatochips commented
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      What's the reason why you never flirted with your professors?

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    This is would sound like a total cliche but I kinda fancied the librarian in our high school. She was in her early twenties when she started.


    • d1ckhandl3r
      d1ckhandl3r commented
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      Since you mentioned that it was a cliche, does it mean that she was wearing glasses as well?

    • surfjock
      surfjock commented
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      Did you ended up hanging out in the library so that you can check her out?

    • blizzss
      blizzss commented
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      You should have tried to ask her out when you graduated considering that she was only in her twenties.

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    I had a few crushes on a couple of hot teachers before. But I never acted on them.


    • newkidda
      newkidda commented
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      dreamnow Me too. I never imagined to step into that kind of stage.