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  • Rate the person below you!

    I'll start the game and I hope everyone in this forum gets to join in. Let's start the year with fun over here. So what you'll do is that you must rate the person below you from 1 to 10 which is like 'Hot or Not' style and see if there are comments about how that person looks too. Start with me!

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    This would be fun! Okay, for you biglifter I'd rate you a 6 out of 10. Not sure if you're hot or not but you see nice and pretty chill lol.


    • clssc
      clssc commented
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      You look so serious and unhappy, might as well give you a 5 flat. No offense!

    • Bang56
      Bang56 commented
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      I'm going to rate both of you a 6, LessSalt and clssc, I'm just saying and please do not get mad at me for this. Remember that this is just for fun.

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    Do you know the difference of above from below? Are you confused or something? I believe that you meant the person above me. Or I think that it is better if you said to rate the person who last posted. Anyway, even your rating scheme is confusing. Do you mean that 1 is the hottest and 10 is the not hot at all?


    • hamster11
      hamster11 commented
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      Below, or above whatever you want. Or you can just mention anyone from here by typing "@" then their username and start to rate them if they're hot or not.

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    @biglifter Below me? But there is no person below me as I would be the last poster after I click the Post Reply button. Are you lost or something? Lol.


    • KatVonMe
      KatVonMe commented
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      Ah, so maybe he is trying to imply the person above you. That was quite a mistake right there.

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    Wait, is 1 the highest rate like the hottest? If that is so, then I would have to give the person above me as 0. Yes, zero. How am I going to rate someone who has no photo like me? Lol.


    • guana
      guana commented
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      Lol, you're being silly right now. Well, I hope that people like you should start putting up your profile pictures so we'd like to know how you guys look like.

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    @tolerable Sorry, but I could not rate someone with no profile photo. When would you upload one?


    • dixieNormous
      dixieNormous commented
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      Dang fanghang, I'd rate you a 10 out of 10, I just think that you're the most beautiful girl here on this forum. Why can't you please be mine?

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    If 10 is the highest then I could rate you as 8 already. You are beautiful as far as the eye can see. Too bad that you have a side view photo, so I could not fully rate your front face. As for the sexiness, then you passed with flying colors.


    • BearHug
      BearHug commented
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      So detailed, yep, I read what you just said and I do agree that fanghang is a bombshell. I bet she made boys cry and it still stunning than ever!

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    @imagination You look ordinary to me, so I would rate you as 5. Well, most people would have this kind of rating, I guess.


    • superego
      superego commented
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      A 'five' could be one of the safest answers if you find someone to be looking ordinary. But for people like us, LuckyLoveYum, we don't have profile pictures so I guess people will give us a zero.

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    @LuckyLoveYum You may be lucky in love and yummy in person but those are the only thing that I could have a good guess to. Since you do not have a profile photo, then there is no way for me to rate you. In this case, I would follow the other person here who had given a zero rating.


    • Yummytron
      Yummytron commented
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      You look good funfun88, I think I should give you a 10 because you deserve it.

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    Well, you are beautiful and sexy. With that, I could rate funfun88 as 8 over 10.


    • stevemcdream
      stevemcdream commented
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      I thought that it would be 10 out of 10 because for me she is a 10 out of 10. Don't get me started with the Tennessee pick-up line. Lol, I kid!

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    Nope. I do not see any profile photo, so I could not comment how hot or beautiful Laicah33 is.


    • Nica55
      Nica55 commented
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      Lol, aren't we all the same? Well, I just don't feel like putting up a profile photo as of the moment. But anyway, sooner or later well, I mind even change my mind and started putting up a photo at least.

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    Why are there some people here who have not uploaded their profile photos? Well, I know that I do not have one, but I have a reason why I did not upload my photo.


    • Jane12
      Jane12 commented
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      Your reason could be that you are a perfectionist? And you cannot find any decent photo to put on because all seem to be not-so-perfect for you, huh?

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    It would have been good if all members had their profile photos, so that we would make this game fun. Anyway, how could I rate a person with no photo?


    • TastySanta
      TastySanta commented
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      Perhaps you should check out their activities and read their comments on every post. That way, you can tell if a person has a shitty attitude. I don't care about looks these days, it's the attitude that matters.

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    loss77 You look fine, but I would rate you as 6 over 10. You look a bit simple, though.


    • imperfectme
      imperfectme commented
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      Looking good heartheart, always a stunner! Anyway, you should put up a full-body photo next time, people here have been demanding that for years now lol!

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    Damn, heartheart you look fine and yes, I mean it. I'd give you a 9 out of 10, it was supposed to be a ten but I just hope that you should've shown your full body.


    • allaboutlove
      allaboutlove commented
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      Okay, why do I get the feeling that you're bisexual nyctophilia? Do you really find heartheart that hot and interesting?