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    I can't seem to give you a proper rating there nyctophilia, though your personality is fine to me. I'd give you a 5 since you don't have a picture yet.


    • mitchyLL
      mitchyLL commented
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      You look really pretty sunnyscenster, I'll give you a 9 out of 10. I'm not sure about your whole personality so I'd give you a nine, would that be okay for you?

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    Damn sunnyscenster you look really nice. How about a 10 out of 10? No, 12 perhaps? Kidding, well, you look stunning as always and ever.


    • Teamnessa
      Teamnessa commented
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      You're too kind skuzzvibe but I guess I'll give you an 8, sorry, I'm looking at your photo and I think you're an 8 despite that you're too kind for Miss sunnyscenster there

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    This rate the person thing, what does this have to do? This is lame. I don't care and I don't know what to rate you guys, not joining in.


    • issues98
      issues98 commented
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      If you think it is lame then why did you made time to comment it here? Could be that you're worried someone might not rate you, huh? Then again it is not lame, this is just for fun only. Don't be such a party-pooper.

    • listlisa
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      lovebug42 don't spoil this moment for other people yes, even if this game sucks just let them enjoy it for a moment.