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Bi curious male wanted

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  • Bi curious male wanted

    Looking for a bi curious male tonight

  • #2
    Wanted for what reason? Are you having an MMF threesome?


    • babycakez23
      babycakez23 commented
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      That might be the most obvious reason that I can think off also. The second one is that he wants someone who doesn't mind getting pegged

    • Gotchya
      Gotchya commented
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      babycakez23 I forgot to add that on. Thanks.

  • #3
    You should try posting some of your photos here to attract them.


    • imagination
      imagination commented
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      I agree, she would have a bigger chance of finding someone if she posted some of her pictures.

  • #4
    Then you have to post your location so that they'll know if they are near your area or not.


    • nipples
      nipples commented
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      I agree, she was like an unknown, no picture and no location.

    • dixieNormous
      dixieNormous commented
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      She might be playing it safe and would just pm those who are interested when it comes to the details of the hookup

  • #5
    How about straight guys? Don't you want to hook up with them?


    • #6
      I am interested. I can be of help