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Do you like to get fucked between the legs?

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  • Do you like to get fucked between the legs?

    I had a friend who I would like to lay on top of me and slide his cock between my legs just under my balls and fuck me until he would cum. Sometimes he would pull out and cum on my cock and stomach. I liked it better from the front because my hard cock was between us and sometimes I would cum just feeling his hard cock between my legs.
    The first time this happened was when my dad, whom I slept with put his hard cock up against my ass one night. We both only wore night shirts to bed, no bottoms. I think he thought I was asleep. I moved a little so his cock was pressing between my balls and my ass. He just slowly humped me and had a lot of precum lubing me up. After a little while I just slid my ass back towards him so his big cock slid between my legs. I then closed my legs together and squeezed his cock as hard as I could. It felt so big compared to mine. I'm not sure if he knew I was awake or not but he kept slowly thrusting till he shot his load all over my balls and ass. I pretended to wake up then and he appoligosed and used his underwear to wipe me clean. After that first time I asked him to do it again and he would reach around and hold my cock and jack me. He died in a car crash about a year later and I think I wanted my friend to do it because I missed him. I have a cock shaped vibrating dildo that I use now when I jack off. I lube it up with Alboline and thrust it between my legs as I jack off using a well lubed Flesh light on my cock.

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    I would prefer that he would just fuck my pussy rather than do it between my legs. If he's trying to turn me on, then I wouldn't mind if he does that to tease me


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      Correct me if I'm wrong, but are you a cross dresser or trans? Was surprised when you mentioned "under my balls"


      • innocentgirl
        innocentgirl commented
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        I think she is since the topic was posted in the LGBTQ forum.

      • fanghang
        fanghang commented
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        innocentgirl You were right, I just notice it.

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      How many times have you actually done that with your friend? And have you found somebody to do it with after he passed away?


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        I think that I would be insulted if he's already satisfied with some intercrural sex with me


        • imagination
          imagination commented
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          I also think that is not satisfactory, without penetrative sex, that would be boring.

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        The title is a bit misleading for me because there are two holes between my legs, which hole are you talking about exactly?


        • wittyou
          wittyou commented
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          What they did was called intercrural sex. Just like what loss77 has mentioned in her post

        • blizzss
          blizzss commented
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          Think of it this way. It's like titty fucking, but instead of using your tits, it's your thighs that are stroking the dick

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        After reading your post. I got curious and would like to be fucked between the legs. Hope it was good as you describe it. Lol


        • funfun88
          funfun88 commented
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          So you're really thinking of trying it?

        • bollersdiorite
          bollersdiorite commented
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          funfun88 Of course. Why not, right?

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        That's the first time I hear that, but do you really want to do it with your friend because you missed your old man.


        • PerkyJerky
          PerkyJerky commented
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          I guess that is what she's planning to do.

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        This is interesting, although it doesn't involve penetration, I bet this will be fun.


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          I did this once with a virgin, she doesn't want to be penetrated so I stick with fucking between the legs. lol


          • flabbybecrux
            flabbybecrux commented
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            Really? Are you satisfied, though?

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          Have you tried to put your dildo up to your ass? My gay friend said it was satisfying also. @cathenira