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  • Self-love!

    Is it weird that I always masturbate? How often do you give yourself some self-love? Even if you're with someone, you still play with yourself because you can't tell them that they often fail to make you squirt or cum. (Or perhaps you often fake your orgasm for them).

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    Masturbation is normal, what is not normal is that you do it in public, which they call 'exhibitionists'. Oh, and one more thing, if you masturbate after sex, it only means that your sex partner sucks! He can't give you the right satisfaction to make you cum, and only you can do it. Why don't you just tell them where or how they'd able to hit the right spot?


    • Masterbabe
      Masterbabe commented
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      Wow, you sound like an expert when it comes to masturbation. Well, honestly I masturbate after sex because I don't think my sexual partners know how to satisfy me. It's sad to think that only I can fully satisfy myself and I sometimes think that it's impossible to find someone who can satisfy me well too.

    • ingotjubilant
      ingotjubilant commented
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      Masterbabe Well, I think that there's someone out there who can satisfy you well so you won't have to play with yourself anymore, lol. Don't be too hard on yourself.

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    If you are always doing the masturbation then that is no longer normal. My friend shared to me a screenshot that someone died due to excessive masturbations.


    • financialcowbird
      financialcowbird commented
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      Whooah If he died because of masturbation maybe he did it continuously without a pause or a break after he cummed, also he might not be eating as well and just focus on mastrubating

    • AlivePerfect
      AlivePerfect commented
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      Yes it was one of the news before and all what he did was to masturbate and even his mom is aware of it so we should control our self if we ever get the temptation

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    There is no average number when it comes to my masturbation. I would do it whenever I feel like doing it. Sometimes, a month had passed that I had not masturbated. It all depends on my mood.


    • karsha78
      karsha78 commented
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      It also depends on my mood too. Well, I masturbated last week because I just feel like it. There's nothing wrong with it anyway, what's wrong is that when a guy doesn't seem to know what he's doing when he tries to 'play' with you.

    • allaboutlove
      allaboutlove commented
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      I don't keep count as to how many times I've been masturbating for a week or months. As long as I keep count as to how many times I can make myself squirt. Approximately, seven times is my record breaker all by myself.

    • PerkyJerky
      PerkyJerky commented
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      allaboutlove I did not know that there are people who are counting the times of their squirting moments. lol.

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    Wow you are indeed a beautiful angel, Don't you get tired of masturbating daily? Tell you what, you must find a real cock who can perform right now and replace your toys with the real one's then you would experience greater satisfaction, greater pleasure and greater fulfillment on your part


    • imperfectme
      imperfectme commented
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      Some finds more pleasure when they use toys it depends on how she truly reach her orgasm because she knows her way out of it

    • Teamnessa
      Teamnessa commented
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      I agree with you. Nothing beats the real thing. Of course, you could also use those sex toys from time to time when a real cock is not available. lol.

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    It's not that weird sometimes you need the urge to masturbate if you are stressed out to much maybe a little bit of self-pleasure is enough but if its excessive then it becomes an addiction and you dont want to keep on masturbating because it will affect your health and physical relationship with someone


    • wittyou
      wittyou commented
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      Well how about if the guy your been with does not give you that kind of arousal anymore? Would it be concluded to a masturbation afterwards?

    • Yummykorb
      Yummykorb commented
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      This is so true. There are people who got addicted to masturbating that they do it multiple times a day. A few even died from it.

    • Nica55
      Nica55 commented
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      wittyou Maybe I will make him do the hardwork and help me with it, if we have a toy then he can freely use it to me

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    Originally posted by Nica55 View Post
    It's not that weird sometimes you need the urge to masturbate if you are stressed out to much maybe a little bit of self-pleasure is enough but if its excessive then it becomes an addiction and you dont want to keep on masturbating because it will affect your health and physical relationship with someone
    Mine before was exessively and I'm happy that I quit this process already and It's true that you will no longer feel aroused on the real thing if you dont quit it


    • blizzss
      blizzss commented
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      How excessive are we talking about here? Is it like 5 times a day?

    • KatVonMe
      KatVonMe commented
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      That's impossible furphyobserved. How are you sure that you don't find masturbation more addicting to sex? You must be lucky to find women who can make you feel satisfied just so you can never get to play with yourself again.

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    I do not like masturbating after sex. Hello, I was already tired with all the banging then I would still bother to get tired touching myself? No, no, no.


    • TassetTasty
      TassetTasty commented
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      What if you didn't reach your orgasm yet and not fully satisfied? Some still touch themselves afterwards or going for another round would do
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    • chipsitaly
      chipsitaly commented
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      Others told me that they masturbate first before sex. I don't know how to react on that one

    • alottavagina
      alottavagina commented
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      chipsitaly I would not do a masturbation before sex. How would I enjoy the sex when I already touched myself?

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    Sometimes I am too tired to even do that thing after sex so I will just consider doing another round and this time I will tell him that I need to reach my orgasm before we leave and stop


    • imahappyclown
      imahappyclown commented
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      No one is forcing you to masturbate, but only if you're bored or just need to release to put yourself at ease. A long tiring day and there's no one to hook up with, I'll just stay at home, go to my bed, stick out my willy and give it a whip until I pass out.

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    It's not weird what's weird is why you fake an orgasm and made them think you are at your'e climax lol. You should consider sex more often than masturbation but If masturbation is giving you much more pleasure and making you cum then you could stick to it but you must find better partner who can fulfill your orgasm... Just saying


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      Do you masturbate using you fingers only? Or you do also use some sex toys to complement your masturbation? Sometimes, I use either a dildo or vibrator. Rarely, I use both.


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        Okay, so medically speaking, what is the maximum frequency that we could masturbate? Have they set a maximum limit on it where it is still considered to be safe?