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  • Partner went crazy

    So, you have this girlfriend or boyfriend for few years now. Suddenly, this girlfriend or boyfriend started to act crazy. You don't know why or how it started, but she or he began acting crazy. This is not the crazy type like really mentally ill, but the strange or the weird type.

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    If my boyfriend suddenly became strange, then that is already a sign that he is doing something fishy. Could it be that he had taken a side-chick and that he has been hiding it from me?


    • hamster11
      hamster11 commented
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      Wow, are you sure that your claims could be right? As I've seen in movies, it is also their defensive mechanisms, people start to act weird especially when they're hiding something from you.

    • BearHug
      BearHug commented
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      Oh, no wonder he's been acting crazy, somewhat strange but he is definitely onto something and you're so close to finding out the truth behind it.

    • bollersdiorite
      bollersdiorite commented
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      I do not think that he already has a side chick just because he is acting crazy. Let us not be too paranoid and just talk to him about his actions as to why he is suddenly acting crazy than you do.

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    I would not mind at all. I would let him act strange until he comes back to his normal state. For how long? Until he figures out that he has been acting strange.


    • TastySanta
      TastySanta commented
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      He/She must have been acting weird and not totally crazy, if a partner does that then they must be looking for attention. Give them the attention that they want and they will go back to the way they were.

    • stevemcdream
      stevemcdream commented
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      It sounds like he's acting like a kid lol, he's not in his right mind because maybe he's cranky, lack of sleep, hungry, or whatsoever. Better ask him if there's something wrong but if he can't figure it out, leave him alone and he'll figure it out on himself lol!

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    If he started to act crazy, then something must be wrong with him. I would need to ask him what is the matter. I need to know so that I would be able to help him.


    • guana
      guana commented
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      He's just acting childish just like any other person would do. Maybe he lacks attention and if you started giving him the attention he needs, he will slowly go back to normal.

    • Yummytron
      Yummytron commented
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      Help him out, maybe he's being like that for random times or whenever he just feels like acting crazy. But anyway, he should not be acting like that if there really is nothing wrong.

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    Can I also act like I'm crazy, too? No, it could be a prank to me, so I need to get even. Both of us would act like crazy. We would see who would stop first.


    • KatVonMe
      KatVonMe commented
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      You two are seriously crazy, what a couple! Okay then, I hope it will come into his senses that it is stupid handling someone like you for acting crazy then he realizes that you're just mimicking him.

    • superego
      superego commented
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      I think that kind of prank will never end well for both of you. If both of you will act crazy then expect that there will be a huge fight, I don't think either of you has to stop on who is acting too crazy already.

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    Crazy? What do you mean? Like a bit insane or something? Well, if he became a bit insane, then I would need to stay away from him already. I don't want to end up being harmed in the end.


    • Nica55
      Nica55 commented
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      Well, that escalated quickly. You just assumed that you're partner is mentally ill already, how are you so sure of that? If he's becoming possessive and over-jealous of things then you can consider him acting crazy already.

    • allaboutlove
      allaboutlove commented
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      heartheart you might have done something that made him turn insane. Well, I hope you can sort this thing out and won't get into much trouble.

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    I'm already crazy, so why does he need to get even with me? I'd dump him, I do not want to go insane all because I couldn't handle myself and what about him too?


    • nyctophilia
      nyctophilia commented
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      Oh, you must be suffering from a serious mental illness there huh? I hope your partner does not end up becoming crazy, as you've said that you cannot even handle yourself and why would he be even with you?

    • Teamnessa
      Teamnessa commented
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      I think you should leave him if he's acting crazy, then he might go back to being calm knowing that he might lose you forever if he's been acting crazy to you for no reason.

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    If my girl starts acting crazy then I must assume that it's that time of the month again. She must be getting cranky, I guess I have no choice but to spoil her crazy ass because I love her. What else can I do? Act crazy like her? That will not end well.


    • mitchyLL
      mitchyLL commented
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      She could be on her period so you should understand if she's going crazy around you for no reason too. It is better for you to spoil her, give her what she wants and she will love you for spoiling her.

    • Trystingbish
      Trystingbish commented
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      Why do people always assume that girls are acting crazy because of their period? Girls are sensitive and a bit emotional even if they do not have periods yet. Or they could be PMSing, le her act crazy all she wants and she will soon get tired.

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    I do not know how it started but why is he acting this way? Real mature, huh. Would it still be funny if I get to end things off with him? Yeah, I'm the only crazy here and he shouldn't go to my level of crazy, lol.


    • Bang56
      Bang56 commented
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      It is given that girls are crazier than men but maybe you should consider thinking that you might be the reason why he turned into something like that, you turned him crazy like you sunnyscenster.

    • fuckashuck
      fuckashuck commented
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      Oh, it wouldn't be funny if you're serious and he is making all this crazy stuff up. He will get his act straight and he'll feel bad for making you mad there sunnyscenster

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    It's been years already but why would she suddenly be acting crazy? Was it something that I've said or done? I should ask her so she would calm down and she might go back to normal if we get to fix this thing out.


    • issues98
      issues98 commented
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      You should be aware of your actions and the things you say. Maybe it could have been something about you that made her act that way, better fix it, you two, while you still can.

    • Franshanica89
      Franshanica89 commented
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      You two should calm down and talk things out. no arguing, but you two should be talking calmly about this situation and it would be nice if this could be easily settled out.

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    Originally posted by funfun88 View Post
    You don't know why or how it started, but she or he began acting crazy. This is not the crazy type like really mentally ill, but the strange or the weird type.
    If you two have been together for years then why the hell would he or she be acting crazy all of a sudden? He or she is not mentally ill but what could it be? Is he or she possessed? I must call an exorcist and priest to see if it's true.


    • lovebug42
      lovebug42 commented
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      Lol, call the ambulance or whatever but why do people suddenly act crazy if they're not weird or mentally ill. I think they're doing that purposely but for whatever reason it might be, they're acting immature and it's pathetic.

    • innocentgirl
      innocentgirl commented
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      HAHAHAHA Possessed? Now you're the one that sounds crazy here. I think that she's just needing attention or probably lacks sleep. She should take a nap first then the craziness might fade away.

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    He should better tell me what really is going on with him, I do not want to interact with him if he's acting that way. Otherwise, I will tell him that it will be over between us.


    • AmalgamAmaze
      AmalgamAmaze commented
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      Do not interact with a crazy person as they say, because sooner or later you might end up being crazy as them too.

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    My partner might be acting crazy because he might want to let me know that he's about to come out to me. Just a random thought but if he wants to come out to me he better tell it to me. I cannot play mind games and let him keep me guessing what could be the reason that he's acting that way.


    • biglifter
      biglifter commented
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      He cannot come out to you? He must've forgotten to take his meds, let him have those taken already. Lol, he's acting crazy maybe he just needed attention from you backrubsss.