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A temporary relationship

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  • A temporary relationship

    Would you allow yourself to have temporary relationships? Yes, it is temporary as both of you know that it could end anytime soon. No, this is not friends with benefits relationship. It is a real relationship, but there is no guarantee that the two of you would stay for a long time and end up as a happily married couple.

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    What is the sense of having it? Just to have some fun in having sex? Looks like that is the main goal of that temporary relationship.


    • blizzss
      blizzss commented
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      And why do you sound like you do not want to have this kind of relationship? Are you scared that you might fall deeply in love with him but since the relationship is temporary, you two will end any time soon, huh?

    • Trystingbish
      Trystingbish commented
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      blizzss Yes, it is temporary. That means that it could end anytime soon. Why invest a loving feeling when it is expected that you would go on separate ways sooner or later?

    • wigeon
      wigeon commented
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      I think that there are two primary purposes.
      One, to say that you are in a relationship.
      Two, to have sex here and there whenever both of you want to.

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    I could accept it. Why? All relationships have no guarantee that it would lead to a happy and long-lasting married life. It is only anticipated that we could make it up to the end.


    • janeDaLioness
      janeDaLioness commented
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      Yeah, and any anticipation could potentially be changed over time. We do not know what the future holds for us.

    • innocentgirl
      innocentgirl commented
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      Oh, yes. Actually, you are right. Even if the relationship is meant to last for a long time, there is no guarantee that it would really be in that way.

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    I would not accept a temporary relationship as there is no sense in having it. It is like you are both fooling each other and fooling your own self. I want something that I could look forward to.


    • potatome
      potatome commented
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      Yes, but that is a better thing than not to have a relationship at all, right?

    • backrubsss
      backrubsss commented
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      Well, you have a point there. Why would anyone accept to have a temporary relationship?

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    I would still have that kind of relationship. We do not hold the future, so we do not know what would happen years from now. We could be still together or maybe not.


    • heartlistener
      heartlistener commented
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      Well, that would be a surprise! Just think, a temporary relationship would change by the hands of time or whatever the future hold for the two of you. It would be possible that you two would last longer as you expect it to be.

    • heartheart
      heartheart commented
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      I will not get my hopes up but I will just enjoy every moment that we've got before we've run out of time. I think that it would be a great relationship since it is new to me too.

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    This applies to those young couples that are always in a rush to be in relationships and just thinks that relationships are just there for their past time. But I do think that some adults end up in relationships like these. Remember that everything is just temporary so don't expect that things could last forever.


    • monsterjunk
      monsterjunk commented
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      Those youngsters think that relationship is all games, let them play and have those temporary relationships. That's what they wanted anyway.

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    If I really need someone to have a relationship with, then I will probably allow myself to have one even if it is only temporary. It is not good to let opportunities pass, right?


    • TassetTasty
      TassetTasty commented
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      Do not let that one pass sis, you might just find out that you two might end up in a real long-term relationship. You cannot predict the future but you know, things might probably work for you two.

    • loss77
      loss77 commented
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      True! Grab every opportunity that is given in front of you. That's what I'll do. Maybe, just maybe, your temporary relationship will turn into a permanent on, right?

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    I will only do that if it is worth a try. For example, if the woman is really pretty then I don't have anything to lose. It is not as if I want to be married with her or something.


    • guana
      guana commented
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      But what if during the relationship, you get to develop deep and romantic feelings for her? What would you do then? Would you still carry on with the temporary relationship? Or are you going to leave her already?

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    Well, yes. I would still allow myself to have a temporary relationship with someone. Even if the happiness and satisfaction that I will feel is just for a short time, I will be grateful about it and just enjoy.


    • Jane12
      Jane12 commented
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      So I guess you have to enjoy it while it lasts. Just be sure that you are ready for the consequences like being left alone when your partner decides that he doesn't want you anymore. That is one of the reasons why I do not like temporary relationships. I'd rather be single and wait for the right one than be in temporary relationships.

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    Yes, I would give it a try. Because in that way, I get to experience being happy with someone that I really like even though it is not for a long time.


    • KatVonMe
      KatVonMe commented
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      Then why be in a relationship if you two can only be friends with benefits? Why need to seal the deal? Is it for formality? Nonsense! Be with the man without labels since things are temporary for you both.

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    As someone who is not a fan of early commitments, I think I will allow myself to have this so called temporary relationship. I just want to have a fun relationship that does not necessarily need to end up in marriage.


    • d1ckhandl3r
      d1ckhandl3r commented
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      Yah but it doesn't necessarily end up as no commitment and might evolve into deeper feelings but I doubt so I just stick on having fun because that's what I like

    • PearBear
      PearBear commented
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      Yes, temporary relationships are fun until one of you falls deep in love with the other one. So much for fun huh? I don't like temporary relationships because I think they are just a waste of my time.

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    Temporary Relationship doesn't sound that you would end up on a long term run, The probability of this kind of relationship is just foolish that you would just try it out for fun and not something that concludes into a real relationship, I wont try it and it's a waste of time and effort maybe just get down a bit for sex and that's it and no relationship


    • JannahVC
      JannahVC commented
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      Probably a waste of time but you can still do something precious and experience what a true couple feels like

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    I think all the relationship that we have are temporary until we find the person that we want to marry, by that time, the relationship will surely be permanent. So to answer the question, yes, I am allowing myself to have temporary relationships.


    • superego
      superego commented
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      Oh, yeah, because we do not know what the future holds. We may be together in the end, after all.

    • loveME
      loveME commented
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      I agree with superego. We shouldn't live our lives through assuming and predicting what the future holds. For me, it is best to do what we think is right and have fun whenever we can regarding the temporary relationships that we have.

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    I do believe that anything is possible and many things can happen in just a short period of time. To answer the question, I will still be willing to allow myself to be in a temporary relationship with someone.
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    • scissorssole
      scissorssole commented
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      that's right! you can decide at the end if you still want to continue or not.

    • listlisa
      listlisa commented
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      scissorssole yes, and I think this way is convenient as well especially if you're still doubting.