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  • Plus size people

    What can you say about people who like those plus size women or men? Yes, the fancy term is plus size but of course we all know that they are just plain fatty people. Is it a form of a fetish or is it something else? Of course, it is given that most often plus people would also choose those other plus size people so that is not the case here. Please note that I am referring to those regular people who fancy those plus size people.

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    I guess that it could be considered as a fetish. That is, some regular people would want those plus size people. Maybe, those plus size people have some things which regular people do not have.


    • bollersdiorite
      bollersdiorite commented
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      They are cuddly as they say and they have more curves than just having regular people to date with. Yeah, I've known some people who have a kink for plus-sized people.

    • butterflyanxious
      butterflyanxious commented
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      What is there not to love about chubby people anyway? I think that it has grown to be a fetish if that person often dates a chubby person and is sexually aroused with them as well.

    • LoveHoney
      LoveHoney commented
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      sunnyscenster I think chubby people have more appeal to those regular people that have a fetish for them. Think about how those chubby would look if they were thin if they're attractive as they are already then what about if they'd lose all that pounds?

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    It could be that it is their preference. Only few regular people would actually like those plus size people. We all know that our society values sexiness, and the world's view about sexiness is about being curvy and slim.


    • goodmanners
      goodmanners commented
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      You are right about that one, monsterjunk. But those people just enjoy having what they want, having a plus-sized partner that would somehow make their lives complete. And some of us prefer dating fit looking people, but then again, nobody's perfect right?

    • superego
      superego commented
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      goodmanners yes you are absolutely correct. Nobody is perfect and in the end, we're all just looking for somebody to date with, somebody to love, and sometimes it is hard to have them.

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    It is their choice, so we should not interfere with whatever they want to have. They want those plus size people? Fine. Let them be. Of course, they could be seen as a couple which are not that compatible, but we should respect their choice.


    • Pedaedia
      Pedaedia commented
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      People nowadays would prefer dating chubby people because they say that chubby is the new sexy. We should just respect what people want to have, they deserve to love the people they wanted anyway, right?

    • innocentgirl
      innocentgirl commented
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      How can a chubby person not be compatible enough to be with a regular person? Girl, I've seen buff men be dating chubby women and tell you what, they're perfect for each other. Even if it is rare to see one those types of couples, their chemistry relies on love and the things that they both enjoy doing.

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    It is called mixed-weight love which most people do not like. We have on our notion that we should date people who are like us. That is, slim for slim and fatty for fatty. When you mix it, people react on it. What gives?


    • imperfectme
      imperfectme commented
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      People usually have something to say with anything that they see. I hate it when they just don't mind their own business. Let normal people like chubby people or let chubby people like skinny people, so what?

    • skuzzvibe
      skuzzvibe commented
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      They can have anyone to date with even if it is a chubby person. You'd be surprised that one day this chubby person will become slim because he or she changed his or her ways when she started dating this regular person.

    • fanghang
      fanghang commented
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      Where have you actually heard of that term? This is the first time I heard of mixed-weight love AglowNum

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    The world is geared to the proper sized people as science states that there should be optimal weight proportionate on the height. When you get too tall, it would be a bit fine; but when you get too fat, the world states that it is no longer good.


    • Bang56
      Bang56 commented
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      It has something to do with health, of course. You wouldn't be able to do such activities if you're a little overweight, am I right? This is why I always keep myself in shape because I want to enjoy my life and wanted to live a little longer.

    • newkidda
      newkidda commented
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      I think plus-size people go accordingly with curvy, obese, and just plump women. So, I don't know which is which, maybe the obese ones should watch out for their health while the other stated still maintains their shape and figure as to having a certain shape.

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    In the long run, happy couples would gain weight, so why is it important to have plus-sized people to date as their point of reference in dating? Surely, sooner or later they would grow into plus-sized people too.


    • Caila99
      Caila99 commented
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      So, I guess that these regular people should date regular people then soon they will both grow big like plus-sized? Huh, that makes sense. Okay, I think they can consider that one.

    • surfjock
      surfjock commented
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      I agree. I've seen regular looking couples would gain a lot of weight years of being together. They say that it is one of the good signs that you are in a HEALTHY relationship, lol.

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    GUYS usually fancy plus-sized women and we, skinny girls, cannot compete with that. These men sure like something to hold, grab, and squeeze. We all know how curvy women have huge titties and asses.


    • Laicah33
      Laicah33 commented
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      Ah, yes, guys do love something squishy for them to play with. This is why I love being with my chubby friends too, their so soft and I couldn't help myself touching their side folds which does not bother them anyway.

    • financialcowbird
      financialcowbird commented
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      Men love voluptuous women simply because their figures would entice them that it would be easy to grab and pinch whenever they feel like it. You know how guys are sometimes playful when it comes to women.

    • listlisa
      listlisa commented
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      Sometimes men would soon despise these curvy women and would choose to go with women who are physically fit. they will somehow convince them to slim down or trim their weight just to loo way better as they say.

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    Some men are not attracted to plus-sized women because they know that they're obese and it is not good to look at. Sorry, they should be aware of their weight and be mindful about their health problems too.


    • alottavagina
      alottavagina commented
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      I worry the same for my weight but it runs in the genes and besides, food makes me happy. I've been dated by regular guys and they don't seem to be bothered about my weight, so.

    • allaboutlove
      allaboutlove commented
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      alottavagina There seems to be a problem with those fat people. They don't think much about putting their health at risk and just eat carelessly and would choose to stick to their not-so-healthy kind of routine.

    • dreamnow
      dreamnow commented
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      alottavagina why are you concerned about it? Do you have family members who are plus sized?

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    I understand why people usually like plus-sized people more than regular people, it's because those plus-sized people have a bubbly personality that best fit their appearance. Yeah, I have plus-sized friends and they're really cool to hang out with.


    • MoneyerHoney
      MoneyerHoney commented
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      I know! I mean, how do these people get so bubbly and it does match their appearance too. I like how most chubby people I know are bubbly and fun to be with.

    • AlivePerfect
      AlivePerfect commented
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      Not all plus-sized people have a bubbly kind of personality. Some are like ordinary people with different personalities. But obviously, their body shape is what makes them unique and people who like them have kinks or fetishes with people like them.

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    I don't have much to say about people liking plus-sized people. It could be a fetish or not but people often fall in love with the personality that the other one possesses. So this could mean that a person cares more about personality than looks. Agree?


    • AirBobo
      AirBobo commented
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      I think those regular people like chubby people because they're really attractive too. Plus, their personality says a lot about them too which makes them like 10 times more attractive just like the rest of the people who are admired by many.

    • FieryCloudz25
      FieryCloudz25 commented
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      So what's your personal preference when it comes to women's body type?

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    Those plus-sized people are lucky enough to have someone to adore them, how about skinny people then? Would there be a chance that those skinny people would be adored by regular people too? Or why can't those regular people choose regular people the same as them?


    • chipsitaly
      chipsitaly commented
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      It is because that some of those regular people have a fetish for plus-sized people. It is their choice and preference to date someone weighs extra of pounds.

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    I feel that it is more of a preference or type rather than a fetish. Or we could just say that those men prefer women who have meat in their bones


    • koshercassanova
      koshercassanova commented
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      How about when it comes to your taste of men? Do you want them to be a bit meaty or not?

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    Are you sure that plus sized people is a fancy term and not a politically correct one? I feel that the term plus sized is not fancy at all


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      I don't think body size matter when you fall in love. I don't really give much of a thing about it but then yes, there are people who likes skinny and people who likes thicc.