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Looking for sexting add me kik : milfskimmy

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  • Looking for sexting add me kik : milfskimmy

    I am horny girl looking sexting big dick add me kik : milfskimmy

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    Have you tried sending a message to the men here that might be interested in sexting with you?


    • Masterbabe
      Masterbabe commented
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      She's hoping that the guys would notice this post

    • Willy61
      Willy61 commented
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      I'm not gay lady

    • flabbybecrux
      flabbybecrux commented
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      Willy61 nobody actually told you that you're gay. I'm guessing that you tried sending her a message?

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    I wish you luck with your search for the guy you would be sexting with


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      I'm guessing that you don't have a type when it comes to the guy that you're looking for?


      • dreamsbaby2
        dreamsbaby2 commented
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        Maybe she just want release. Looks don't matter when that hunger is there.

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      Can you send me a pic of yourself privately? Would love to know what you look like


      • anitabanger
        anitabanger commented
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        Has she sent you a pic of herself already or not?

      • lilpup
        lilpup commented
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        milfskimmy can I ask one too? If you don't mind.

      • imahappyclown
        imahappyclown commented
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        No. I have not received her photo yet. I hope that she would provide soon.

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      I've got a tiny sick but will chat with ya if I cak


        ISUCKSTR8BOYSDICK commented
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        I LOVE your pic It's HELLA HOT!????????????????????????????????????