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  • Sex in Brisbane

    Single guy Petrie looking for playmate

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    Welcome to Hook Up Talk! Feel free to chat all the ladies here.


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      Hello there Baz955 are you sure that you're just not looking for a playmate here?


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        Well hopes one leads to another


        • scissorssole
          scissorssole commented
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          That is a possibility here. Hope you can find someone at this forum.

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        Iam hoping that meeting ladies..i may meet the rite one..dont we all look before we leep ???


        • partnerstrick
          partnerstrick commented
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          Of course, it is important to look first before something would be done.

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        Thanku. That's my thoughts..if u dont look how do u find..the word sex i guess flusters some


        • morningglory
          morningglory commented
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          I think most people here would not mind the sex word. We are already used using the term. But, yeah, maybe for some they would feel uneasy.

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        Morning glory..mmmm being single its been a while for that


      • #8 the name, like the glory


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          Have another go..morning glory .great name .. wonderful thing to do


          • Baz955
            Baz955 commented
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            Whst goes on

          • anitabanger
            anitabanger commented
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            Do you have a type when it comes to the woman you're going to hookup with?

          • financialcowbird
            financialcowbird commented
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            The others have great names too. Just look at mine. It's all about money. lol.

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          Looking forward chatting with you here


          • flabbybecrux
            flabbybecrux commented
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            Only chatting? Nothing else?

          • janeDaLioness
            janeDaLioness commented
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            flabbybecrux maybe they would start it by chatting and see where it would lead them

          • fuckashuck
            fuckashuck commented
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            Do you have lots of men chatting with you privately?