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Who Wants To Hook up In Indianapolis, Broad Ripple, 46th Keystone Avenue Area

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  • Who Wants To Hook up In Indianapolis, Broad Ripple, 46th Keystone Avenue Area

    Hello Curious Ladies Lightskinned, Black, Big Ass Titts

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    Hello, EddieG! Welcome to this forum. Looks like you are in the mood these days, huh.


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      Are you also open to some online fun like sex chats and the like?


      • tolerable
        tolerable commented
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        Why are you asking? Do you have some plans to have some online fun with him? Well, he looks fine so I guess that you like him.

      • heartheart
        heartheart commented
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        I am just asking if he's open nothing is gonna lose, Can't judge him much and don't rely on photo

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      On your tags, you mentioned fisting. So how many women have you fisted?

      Well, I have no plans to participate in a fisting. I could imagine that it would gonna hurt so much.


      • skuzzvibe
        skuzzvibe commented
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        Well, @nycotphilia, a fist is smaller than a baby's head. I'm sure that you get my point that childbirth is much painful than fisting. You haven't thought of that, didn't you?

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      Are you hoping to be smothered by those huge titties that you're looking for?


      • dreamnow
        dreamnow commented
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        Who wouldn't? I would love to be smothered by huge ass and titties too! It's every guys' dream.

      • LessSalt
        LessSalt commented
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        dreamnow I bet you don't know that some girls love being smothered by those huge asses and titties too. I remember how my girl friends envied me for having huge tits and they love squeezing it.

      • stickyyhen
        stickyyhen commented
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        LessSalt What the hahaha. Your friends love to squeeze them? And you are allowing your friends to squeeze your titties?

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      There are some women with big ass and big tits here. You might want to search for them then approach them by sending them a direct message.


      • BearHug
        BearHug commented
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        Yes, you can tell it by their profile pictures here.
        Or I suggest if all those girls will message him right now if they're interested.

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      Originally posted by nyctophilia View Post
      On your tags, you mentioned fisting. So how many women have you fisted?
      Just to add to her question: what if the girl wants to fist you, are you going to let her or not?


      • Championia
        Championia commented
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        What the ... lol. Why did you even ask this one? I do not think that a man would want to be fisted.

      • Yummytron
        Yummytron commented
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        I think that fisting is only done in the movies. I had not heard from anyone that they were fisted at some point of their lives.

      • furphyobserved
        furphyobserved commented
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        Championia It's just my imagination and it was funny to ask about it haha

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      Looks like any race is welcome on your search, huh. Well, that is good. At least, everyone would have an equal chance.


      • fanghang
        fanghang commented
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        It could be that he is a bit adventurous that anyone would do as long as the woman is beautiful, hot and horny.

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      Any ladies looking for rn I'm in the area and looking