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  • Sex in maryland

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    Hi, there. Were you able to meet up someone the last time you posted here?


    • BabySaltWicked
      BabySaltWicked commented
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      I think it's his first time posting here but I can tell that he sure knows what he's really looking for.

    • issues98
      issues98 commented
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      Laicah33 Wait, are you sure that he's posted here the last time? I did not see it, is it still here? Well, he seems new to me and I don't think that he has found someone to meetup with here.

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    I wonder why some men still like to bang older women. What do older women have that those young women do not have?


    • babycakez23
      babycakez23 commented
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      But I guess that younger women are still better than the older women. You see, those younger women are more aggressive than the older women.

    • guana
      guana commented
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      Older women generally have more experiences. That translates more fun on the bed as they know what they are doing already.

    • lie11
      lie11 commented
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      As for me, I do not like older men. Well, those men who are way older than I am but a few years older would do.

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    Okay, I hope that some members here who are living near your location would DM you. Good luck with your search.


    • fanghang
      fanghang commented
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      Is he going to entertain women who lives nearby him? I'm just curious if he specifically said that it should only be only from Maryland.

    • lipspotatochips
      lipspotatochips commented
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      fanghang He said that he is willing to travel anywhere as long as it is up to an hour only.

    • PerkyJerky
      PerkyJerky commented
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      Let us be positive that some women near his location would contact him.

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    When I was young, I was also like you. Young and looking for fun. I could say that you should push it through now that you are still young as you still have the stamina to hookup with various women. When you get older, you would have few chances to have those hookups anymore.


    • percymercy
      percymercy commented
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      I agree with this one. We should be doing lots of fun while we are still young. It would not look good when we do the flirting when we are already senior citizens.

    • anxiousme
      anxiousme commented
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      MoneyerHoney do you don't usually get hookups now? I'm curious, please continue your story and I want to hear the best hookup stories that you've got, I'll wait!

    • shizzlygizzly
      shizzlygizzly commented
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      But we could still do those hookups even if we are already old. I see lots of older people on various sites and dating sites.

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    You are younger than me but I don't care. The age gap is not that big anyway. I like to hookup with younger guys so maybe beep me up?


    • Yummykorb
      Yummykorb commented
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      Are you located near his location in Hagerstown, Maryland? If not, then you are just making him excited, but he would be dismayed that you are actually located so far away from him.

    • Masterbabe
      Masterbabe commented
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      So, why are you into younger men? What do they have that older guys do not have?

    • lovebug42
      lovebug42 commented
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      For me, age gap should not really matter. As long as the two of you could get along, then that would already be fine.

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    Do you have a car? Or the girl will just commute to your place? I hope you have one so that it won't be hassle for the girl you are about to hookup with.


    • nipples
      nipples commented
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      We all know that most of us have cars. It is an essential requirement. We could not easily go into places without cars.

    • potatome
      potatome commented
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      Commonly, it is the men who would come to the girl's place. But of course women could also go to the men's place.

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    Have about having some hookups with your classmates? You are young and there would be girls in the school, right?


    • boringyou
      boringyou commented
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      That would be too awkward, in my opinion. Of course he would want to hookup with someone who he doesn't see often.

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    19? You're young! I do like youthful guys. So mind if you drop some pictures and let's see what you look like? Maybe you'll attract more girls in that way.


    • flabbybecrux
      flabbybecrux commented
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      I'm young as well Caila99. Do you think that I'll have a chance with you?