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M4F Florida (Broward, Near Miami)

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  • M4F Florida (Broward, Near Miami)

    Hello I'm a 28M Switch Hollywood, Florida, United States

    About Me:

    I'm an artist I work both traditional and digital, I paint and sketch. I love anime, memes, hentai, gaming, writing, adventures, camping, and learning in general. I love to explore places and people. You'll more than likely find me on some wild ass adventure, cozying up at home drawing with a cup of tea or watching anime. I have put together cosplay after parties and hentai after parties, yes iv'e been to a hentai convention on one of my adventures. I'm still new to the whole lifestyle and thus I'm still exploring, I also love exploring nature and places. Iv'e also been to abandoned places such as an abandoned zoo, haunted insane asylum, gone to many forests and springs in Florida such as Devil's Den. I game on PC so I'm a bit of a night owl, but I try to be productive, i'm usually learning something new or refining my skills. I like helping people and writing because I find myself growing more as a person through it. Feel free to message me if you'd like to know more about me, I'm pretty open so don't be shy but I might bite if you're into it heh.

    Sorry but i'm not here for your Onlyfans or for clout I'm here for something genuine.

    My Socials


    (Let me know where you came from or found me when you message me.)​

    • Single

    • Switch, Dominant, Master, *****, Voyeur
    • Straight
    • I Live The Lifestyle When I Can
    Looking For Any of These:
    • A Lifetime Relationship (LTR)
    • A Relationship
    • Someone to Play With
    • A Princess by Day, Slut by Night
    • Friendship
    • A submissive
    • A slave
    • Events​

    ​== Results from ==
    100% Switch
    100% Voyeur
    97% Degrader
    95% Exhibitionist
    92% Master/Mistress
    84% Experimentalist
    81% Dominant
    81% *****/Mommy
    81% Brat tamer
    73% Rigger
    72% Primal (Hunter)
    68% Sadist
    67% Owner
    66% Submissive
    60% Ageplayer
    42% Brat
    31% Non-monogamist
    26% Primal (Prey)
    17% Slave
    12% Rope bunny
    9% Vanilla
    3% Degradee
    2% Pet
    0% Masochist
    0% Boy/Girl


    • This wild life
    • Bring Me The Horizon
    • Metallica
    • Slipknot
    • Gorillaz
    • Tool
    • Korn
    • Cavetown
    • Tame Impala
    • Pierce The Viel
    • Eden
    • Rich Brian
    • Ghostface Playa
    • System Of A Down

    • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
    • One Piece
    • Bleach
    • Hunter x Hunter
    • Spy x Family
    • Ghibli Movies
    • Konosuba
    • Highschool DxD
    • My Hero
    • Demon Slayer

    • Overwatch
    • Monster Hunter
    • Splitgate
    • Minecraft

    • H.P Lovecraft
    • Tim Burton
    • Edger Allen Poe
    • Lord Of The Rings / Hobbit
    • Cooking
    • Gardening / Plants
    • Rock, Metal and Punk (But I am open to all forms of music I like exploring)
    • Comfort Food (Especially Mexican Food)
    • DIY / Crafts
    • Love animals, so obviously love dogs and cats