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Lemme know ladies?????????*♂️

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  • Lemme know ladies?????????*♂️

    If any lady want to trade pic or get filthy online m, let me know. Or rate me or call me an asshole either way
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    Would love to see a pic of your playing the drums using your dick lol


    • Masterbabe
      Masterbabe commented
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      That would just be too adventurous! But you got me curious, too. So much so that I would like to see a pic, too. LOL.

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    So what kind of music do you usually play?


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      Oh, nice dick pic over there. I think it is thick. Am I right?


      • KatVonMe
        KatVonMe commented
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        Oh my. Seriously? Are you that good in measuring a cock even if it was just a photo?

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      Ladies lol. You made me laugh and blush...
      Ive been in many types of bands. Jam, rock, punk etc.....


      • fuckashuck
        fuckashuck commented
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        Oh, that sounds wonderful. How about rap? You did not have it, did you?

      • financialcowbird
        financialcowbird commented
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        We are lovely and very open minded at this forum. Often times, you would blush, actually.

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      I was in a hip hop band a while


      • potatome
        potatome commented
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        So you're kinda like Questlove of The Roots when you were in that hiphop band

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      I know who he is but I don’t understand the reference?


      • brooksbrioche
        brooksbrioche commented
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        If you're talking about what potatome has mentioned. Questlove is the drummer/band leader of The Roots. Which is a hiphop band and the house band of The Tonight Show

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      Whoa, you're the drummer in a band! I noticed, what's the name of your band?


      • PieDish
        PieDish commented
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        You sound like a huge fan of live local bands, Gotchya

      • bollersdiorite
        bollersdiorite commented
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        What kind of music do you often listen to?

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      Gotchya there been many. Currently it’s Rust & Magnets


      • partnerstrick
        partnerstrick commented
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        Do you guys have videos online or songs on streaming services?

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      Yea here my last band that we are actually reforming