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  • Fun and Hook-up approach

    They are plenty of girls here and I'm not even flirting everyone is pretty and kind (few exceptions for sure) coming to my question if a guy want to have fun party and hookup with a girl how he should approach??
    I'm a start forward person in real life so for me right now things are not going right as i say stuff directly and i end up empty so any suggestion ladies I'll appreciate if you'll reply
    Thank you

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    Hey dude, I'm not a lady but a woman likes it if you are going to approach them nicely and try not to be corny and horny when you're making a move on them.


    • BearHug
      BearHug commented
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      How about you, are you the type of guy who approaches girls nicely?

    • babycakez23
      babycakez23 commented
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      Well sometimes men are usually horny when they approach us, you can tell by how dirty they talk.

    • potatome
      potatome commented
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      What? Horny? Why do you approach a woman in a horny way? Are you sure with that kind of approach? If a man approached me hornily, I would just ignore him. You know what? You should get flirty first before you get horny.

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    You just have to show girls that you are worth talking to and that you are harmless so that they would not be afraid to talk or be with you. Girls are sometimes judgemental so you just show positivity to the first meeting so you would look good in their eyes.


    • AglowNum
      AglowNum commented
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      So can I also add that we should also be presentable on the way we dress and look?

    • Airphylab
      Airphylab commented
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      AglowNum yes of course. Your outfit also reflects what type of girl you are.

    • funfun88
      funfun88 commented
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      Sometimes, I like the bad boy types. It feels like they are so hot and having sex with them is worth the harm. Harm? Well, it is like they are harmful or are they not?

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    Here are some pointers okay? Don't be an asshole, Don't try too hard if you're not that confident, Be a gentleman, Make sure your breath doesn't stink and you smell good and lastly don't stutter or you keep repeating a word you say.


    • PearBear
      PearBear commented
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      Good one! I definitely like this and if he ever approaches me with a foul odor then I'll reject him immediately.

    • AlivePerfect
      AlivePerfect commented
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      I think this would be the best answer to that one and I love men who smell very nice.

    • blizzss
      blizzss commented
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      I think the not being an asshole is a given. Unless he's thinking that reverse psychology would on the girl

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    At least don't be a perv when you approach like you want to hook her up immediately at least do it with class and be professional. It really depends on the looks or if the girl let's say is drunk then it would be easy peasy.


    • Franshanica89
      Franshanica89 commented
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    • partnerstrick
      partnerstrick commented
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      It does not really apply to all guys since some are really born pervert and they could not resist their own self.

    • imperfectme
      imperfectme commented
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      Franshanica89 That applies everywhere you go. Perv guys are really a big disappointment to girls

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    Originally posted by BabySaltWicked View Post
    Don't be an asshole, Don't try too hard if you're not that confident, Be a gentleman, Make sure your breath doesn't stink and you smell good and lastly don't stutter or you keep repeating a word you say.
    Those are the best suggestion I saw. Try doing it and maybe you would find your soul mate.


    • scissorssole
      scissorssole commented
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      Being a gentleman is enough, I think this narrows down the best suggestion men would get from us.

    • xXtinaGelo
      xXtinaGelo commented
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      scissorssole It is enough but not all men can have that attitude.

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    Actually, everything is dependent on the woman. Even if you have the so-called best approach in the world, when a woman is not interested with you, then nothing good would ever happen.


    • fanghang
      fanghang commented
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      Is it only if she's interested in his appearance?

    • flabbybecrux
      flabbybecrux commented
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      But other things can make the woman put his interest on men even if they do not like them. It all works if the man would have the courage to make the first move.

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    When a woman likes a man, that woman would show some attentions to that man. The man would always notice it. Of course, most men would grab that chance to be with the women unless they are constrained to do it.


    • nipples
      nipples commented
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      Men would grab it if they want or like something from her too. Let's not hope that he will take advantage of her because they like him.

    • allaboutlove
      allaboutlove commented
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      nipples Are you saying that he likes something like sex? What would they want something from her?

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    If you're a straight forward person then maybe try to talk to her honestly without being too much of an asshole if you notice something that might get her offended then try to protect her feelings and don't be rude on her otherwise it if she doesn't like your attitude maybe she'll spill her drink on your head.


    • superego
      superego commented
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      If you really turned out to be rude on a girl then you will be rejected immediately.

    • anitabanger
      anitabanger commented
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      issues98 but she mentioned start forward. If it's corrected as a straight forward then the guy needs to think about it before saying it to the girl.

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    Have you tried to crack some jokes or self-depreciating humor? There are women who like guys who can make fun of themselves.


    • goodmanners
      goodmanners commented
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      What if the woman is not into jokes and humor? Then that move would not work.

    • PerkyJerky
      PerkyJerky commented
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      Readeronic maybe she is that is why she suggested that stuff.

    • bollersdiorite
      bollersdiorite commented
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      clssc have you dated guys who do such a thing?

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    Have tried some of the suggestions that were posted here? DudeHarder


    • backrubsss
      backrubsss commented
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      Let's just hope that he has tried at least one of them. Or he was planning to but decided to wait for this self distancing thing that is happening.