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    Has any of you dumped a person because he/she snores a lot or does something that annoys you? Just wanted to be sure that I'm not the only person who dumped a fuck buddy because of her snoring.

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    I've also dumped a guy because of his snoring among other things. But that's not the main reason why I dumped him.


    • BabySaltWicked
      BabySaltWicked commented
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      What other reason made you dumped him? If it's not the snoring that caused it.

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    If we're talking about some petty reasons why we broke up with someone, it would be with the guy who was too clingy and baby talks if I don't pay attention to him.


    • nyctophilia
      nyctophilia commented
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      This one is worse than a partner who snores. A more reasonable situation to break up with someone.

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    Yes, I've been with a guy who snores a lot especially if he's stressed at work but that wasn't the reason why we broke up.


    • dreamnow
      dreamnow commented
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      I guess you didn't stay at his place whenever he works late or one of you sleeps on the couch or a different room?

    • imagination
      imagination commented
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      dreamnow I still stayed at his place and I didn't suggest him to sleep on the couch.

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    Considering that she was only your fuck buddy, you should have never slept at her place or let her sleep at yours if that was your only problem with her. Bang56


    • anxiousme
      anxiousme commented
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      Maybe his fuck buddy was really hot that's why he decided to stick with her as long as he can.

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    I think you're the only one, snoring is not as bad as it sounds. You can interrupt him by shaking their body and try to wake them up and tell them that their snoring too loud.


    • funfun88
      funfun88 commented
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      There's a chance that she would wake up feeling horny and he would be forced to have sex with her before he can properly go to sleep.

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    Originally posted by brooksbrioche View Post
    You can interrupt him by shaking their body and try to wake them up and tell them that their snoring too loud.
    You're making it sound like that you can actually control the loudness of the snore. That's something that you can't control.

    I would suggest that you tell her that she needs to see a specialist so that she can treat that.


    • potatome
      potatome commented
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      I think that there are some over the counter drug that she can also use if she's afraid to visit the doctor.

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    A petty reason to break your boyfriend out lol. If it's annoying me to much I'll probably end it or he should just sleep on the couch so I won't be disturbed.


    • koshercassanova
      koshercassanova commented
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      You should just let him sleep on the couch rather than breaking up with him.

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    A boyfriend who snores out loud is pretty normal so you should consider it or it will be a dumb move if ever you broke up with him because of it. I bet he will never forgive you for it.


    • karsha78
      karsha78 commented
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      What if that's one of the reasons why you broke up with him? Do you think that it is still a dumb move or not?

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    This was in high school and he was like a shadow and tends to hover too much. He would show up outside my classroom to walk me to my next class, wanted to seat beside me during lunch breaks,etc...


    • clumsygirl
      clumsygirl commented
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      How young were you when this happened? I guess you felt that he was suffocating you with all of his hovering?

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    Something that annoys me is when he's not going in bed with me at the same time and still on his computer doing "God knows" if it's work or just watching porn. It's irritating me and I can't sleep sometimes because he is always late going to bed.


    • clssc
      clssc commented
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      So you're not getting much attention in bed because he's always on his computer. Did you break up with him for that?

    • bollersdiorite
      bollersdiorite commented
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      At least you won't hear him snore when his late and not going to bed lol.

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    If he's snoring too loud I'll always use earplugs or put on my earphones and play some music but if you can handle it then it's best to wake him up or make him sleep elsewhere.


    • AngstAngels
      AngstAngels commented
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      I don't know if it's a good idea to wake him up because they can't really control when they snore.