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  • The preferred one

    Which among the age group would you choose to have sex with? Why?
    18 to 30
    31 to 50
    51 to 80

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    Since I am only 25 then I prefer the young ones. I guess most people would prefer people similar to their age group.


    • perfectionist
      perfectionist commented
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      Same here. I like the men in my age group. It would not be difficult to converse with them as are on the same boat.

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    I still prefer those younger men as I find them more aggressive when it come to the bed scenes.


    • FieryCloudz25
      FieryCloudz25 commented
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      Yes, that's what I've been looking for...people that has the same libido as me because of the age range.

    • lovebug42
      lovebug42 commented
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      Readeronic I'm pretty sure that not all younger men are that good in bed, but just aggressive but still has no clue as to what they're really doing LMAO!

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    I would consider having sex with someone ages 31 to 50!


    • vixenvicky
      vixenvicky commented
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      Count me in! I'd like to try guys ages 30 to 40. Just for a change!

    • KatVonMe
      KatVonMe commented
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      vixenvicky Oh yes, you should try and fuck guys at that age. I just hope you'll find a lucky guy who can keep up with you and will surely satisfy you in bed.

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    I'd stick to people ages 18 to 30 since I'm only 22 years old. I hope I'll get to find someone my age.


    • alottavagina
      alottavagina commented
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      Me, too. I would choose men who are about my age up to 30. Of course, I would get to change my preference when I get older.

    • MoneyerHoney
      MoneyerHoney commented
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      I'm 33 but I'd like to fuck younger men, that's why I'm with you guys with this age group, lol!

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    People 31 to 50 for me I like my women to have a some Experience in the bedroom


    • wittyou
      wittyou commented
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      I like men who are less than 50 years old, too. Wait, are you saying that younger women are not yet well experienced in the bedroom? I know some young women who are experts in the bedroom.

    • nyctophilia
      nyctophilia commented
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      Are you sure that we do not have some experiences in the bedroom? Did you know that young people are more aggressive, thus, we have more experiences than the older ones.

    • weatherman
      weatherman commented
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      wittyou can you introduce me to some?? Or would you hook up with a guy like me??

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    Since I'm only 20 years old, I'd prefer to date someone just about 10 more years older than me, maximum!


    • loveME
      loveME commented
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      Are you sure that you aren't going to look for a younger man to have sex with?

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    I prefer to date guys around 31-50 yrs. old, since I'm already 33 yrs. old myself.


    • smokinghot66
      smokinghot66 commented
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      Well, I'm only 27 but I'd prefer to date someone in the age group of 31 to 50 yrs old.

    • imperfectme
      imperfectme commented
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      I'd prefer age groups like that even if I'm only 27. I can't wait to taste 30 to 50-year-old men!

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    I'd want to have sex with someone younger than me, age group: 18 yrs old to 30s. That's what I'll be down for.


    • hamster11
      hamster11 commented
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      Same here, I'd love to fuck with ladies younger than me, and I'll always be the one in charge there lol.

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    31 to 50
    But please, let us limit it to 35 years old only as I do not want older men than I am.
    Same as others who want to select their own age range.


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      18 to 30
      Yeah, I know that some of you would react why I want men who are younger. It is because I feel that they are livelier to be with.


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        18 to 30 only. The late 20s would do. We have common grounds with men of that age range.


        • newkidda
          newkidda commented
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          Same! I'd choose someone 18 to 30 because of my age, I'm only 28 and I'm hoping to find someone I can be compatible in bed with.

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        51 to 80
        Oh, yes. Do not re-read it. What you read was right. I like older guys as I am already tired with those men who as young like me. I want to try those older men. I am curious. I want to experience how a 50 year old man would fuck me. What are the differences of him from those young men?


        • Caila99
          Caila99 commented
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          I think you just gave me an idea to try older men too. Just for the experience and I will never be regretful of that decision, lol!

        • mitchyLL
          mitchyLL commented
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          I've decided from now on, I wanted to fuck older men, around that age group (51 to 80). Soon, I'll be turning 26 this November 5th and I'm so excited to give myself the best birthday present and birthday sex with an old man.

      • #14
        18 - 30 is what I'm down for. I am young and active so I prefer someone who can keep with that. Besides, younger people are more wild in bed and that's what I am always looking for.